Skilled Artist Plus Procreate iPad App Equal Best Portrait Ever

Skilled Artist Plus Procreate iPad App Equal Best Portrait Ever

How does a picture of actor Morgan Freeman wind up featured here on iPhone Life? Well, while he is undoubtedly a respected and immensely gifted performer, the reason you see his face here is because this image was created with only fingertips, talent, an iPad, and an amazing app called Procreate ($5.99). It really is a painting, though the detail rendered is mind-blowing, even when you zoom in on it. As an artist in my own right I can honestly say I've never seen such an amazing portrait, much less one created on an iPad.

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Skilled Artist Plus Procreate iPad App Equal Best Portrait Ever

If you read our iPhone Life Best App awards you already know that Procreate is an awesome tool for the creation of visual art. The sky is the limit in terms if what it allows anyone with talent and patience to produce. But this is ridiculous!

If you can't see the embedded video, please click HERE.

In this cool short video, you'll see a time lapse of UK artist Kyle Lambert doing his thing, and it is worth watching. The combination of talent and technology has resulted in quite the masterpiece!

With close to 300,000 "brush" strokes and over 200 hours concentrated labor, this portrait of Mr. Freeman is indeed awe inspiring. And to anyone and everyone who claims they can't draw (something that as an artist I hear all the time), I'd say this: art is something everyone is capable of. The question is, who loves doing it? If you've ever tried your hand at it you already know it can at times be as frustrating as it can be rewarding. But I can guarantee you, if you spend 200 hours focused intently on one art project, chances are that you will have created something that will amaze and surprise you and that you might be quite proud of. Becoming a great artist has a lot to do with who loves doing it. Who loves to sit and spend all those hours staring at a blank canvas to create an art project? As hip hop star Macklemore says: "the greats weren't great because at birth they could paint, the greats were great because they paint a lot!" Ain't that the truth!

For more of Kyle Lambert's stunning iPad art, head on over to his website for more examples and other time-lapse videos of his phenomenal creations. And if you are inspired to try your own hand at iPad painting, be sure to check out Procreate in the App Store. You can also visit Lambert's website for iPad illustration tutorials.

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