Scosche's IDR Audiophile Earphones Certainly Pack a Bang for the Buck!

Siva's Reviews: Scosche IDR656 earphones


From my experience, I know that generally speaking, Scosche makes great products! So I knew that when I sampled their Increased Dynamic Range (IDR) noise-isolating earphones that I'd be in for a treat!  Little did I know!

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These audiophile grade earphones are crafted to let you get the most out of your music, “with brilliant highs, silky smooth mids and powerful bass for all music genres”. The IDR-656 are fully Siri compatible and include Scosche’s patented tapLINE III total-control-system. The mic is intelligently positioned and the speakers are equipped with powerful 11mm drivers to produce crystalline sound quality. A high-end set of earphones that are a good deal less than many others of similar calibur, available HERE for $80.00.

Siva's Reviews: Scosche IDR656 earphones

My first experience with the IDR656 earbuds was watching and listening to Transformers III: Dark Side Of The Moon on my iPad. Oooo-whee! If you know the movie, then you know that if nothing else, it is a smorgasbord of digital sound effects done on a spectacular scale. And the Scosche IDR656 sure delivered! With a crisp and clearly delineated treble, mid and bass range, these headphones capture a wide range of sound accurately and with intense precision. Right out of the gate let me just say; I was so impressed with these headphones overall, that hands down, for the price these are unarguably some of the best earphones that I've had the good fortune to review as of late.


While Transformers was a treat, with its vivid audio effects, it wasn't just with the movie that these earphones shone so bright! Whether listening to my iTunes library or Pandora, catching a show on Netflix, playing my favorite games (Bastion is a game with an incredible soundtrack that was totally well-served by the performance of the IDR656s!) or even, yes, talking on the phone, these noise-isolation earphones make your listening experience that much more vibrant and alive!


Speaking of the phone, the microphone on the Scosche is one of the better ones I’ve tested. In part because of its placement, well positioned so that you won't have to hold the mic to your face. But also in part, because of its clear delivery and sharp responsiveness. I've never had anyone ask me to repeat myself when I was using the IDR656, which is saying something.


Siva's Reviews: Scosche IDR656 earphones


In terms of design the IDR656 earphones have a sturdy construction, with thick cables that are reinforced at the points of most flexion. The IDR656 include a variety of silicone earpieces to fit all ear types. The volume control is solidly constructed and the volume up and down have handy little Braille-like indicators so that your sense of touch can tell you which button you are pushing if you are fumbling in the dark or through layers of winter clothes. They are available in either black or white with silver trim.


The Scosche Increased Dynamic Range earphones are one of the better value earphones I've reviewed, comparing favorably in terms of overall design, functionality and sound quality with earphones that cost 25 - 50 dollars more.


Siva's Reviews: Scosche IDR656 earphones


Siva's Reviews: Scosche IDR656 earphones


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