Lenmar's Thunder Boasts a Sound That Will Make The Heavens Shake.


Lenmar Thunder ($129.99)

4 out of 5 stars

These days much of my entertainment gets broadcast through a Lenmar speaker. While still a relative newcomer to Bluetooth speaker production Lenmar has been quickly gaining recognition for making excellent and affordable Bluetooth speaker options that don't sacrifice sound quality despite their competitive pricing.

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In our house a review unit of the Lenmar Thunder is connected to a small flat screen TV in the main room, and provides all the sound needed for a small room. In fact, that's an understatement. The Lenmar Thunder truly lives up to its name, with its special bass-enhancing feature which literally makes the floor rattle and shake with its deep rumble. When it's not paired with our TV, it's my go-to speaker to pair with my iPad mini when it's time to try out the latest iOS games. Whether I'm blazing around the track in Asphalt 8 or firing away in Epoch.2, the sound coming out of this deceptively petite and inconspicuous powerhouse makes it easy to forget that I am not listening to a much larger home entertainment system.


The Thunder is a tiny affair, slightly smaller than your average coffee cup, and able to fit discreetly wherever you put it. Its design is simple with a modern elegance that makes it the perfect accessory for a desktop, or anyplace where space is at a premium and HiFi sound is called for.

Powerful Bass:

With four speakers drivers and a powerfully enhanced bass radiator the Thunder belts out a mighty roar. In fact, I'm listening to Jai Uttal's beats right now through it and I can feel the floor vibrating from 15 feet away. I kid you not. This is one impressively powerful little Bluetooth speaker!

On the side of the speaker, towards the bottom, are located both on/off switches as well as a charging port and a plug-in point for a 3.5mm auxiliary cable, which allows users to play music via non-Bluetooth equipped sources. The top of the Thunder has a fancy, touch-sensitive panel that is black until you touch it, at which point it lights up with red lit controls, which include your volume and track selection as well as your "phone" button and the button that turns the enhanced bass on and off.


  • Small size, fits practically anywhere 
  • Powerfully impressive sound, especially with the bass booster activated
  • Affordably priced for the level of performance
  • Features a small disc shaped vibration dampening silicone pad underneath the speaker's cylindrical body to reduce vibration and enhance bass response.
  • Subtle and stylish modernistic design.


  • Slight distortion/rattle detected at the highest end of the volume setting. More so with the enhanced bass activated. Note: The Thunder will definitely rattle and shake anything that's next to it on a desk or a shelf, which isn't a bad thing per se, just something to be aware of.

The Final Verdict:

After putting the Lenmar  Thunder through the test, I would highly recommend this great little speaker. 

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