3 Productivity App Powerhouses: OfficeTime, Jet Scanner and Documents by Readdle

Productivity apps are designed to make our day-to-day lives flow more smoothly and simply. Whether at the office, on the go, or keeping busy with projects around the house, such apps can save us time, money, and mental energy. I've tried out three great productivity apps I'd like to share with you, including the camera-to-PDF converter, Jet Scanner, the acclaimed time management app OfficeTime, and the comprehensive document and file management app, Documents by Readdle.

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1. OfficeTime ($7.99)

OfficeTime is an excellent time, expense, and project management app. It is a universal app, combining rich features with an easy-to-navigate user interface. Its features allow you to track projects, billing, expenses, and hours spent.


With OfficeTime, users can run multiple, programmable timers and keep track by project and category. OfficeTime can run in the background so you can keep your timers going while you navigate other apps. OfficeTime allows you to work offline without Wi-Fi or 3G and also allows you to work across platforms (PC, Mac, and iOS devices) with a desktop companion app, sold separately. This is a great app not only for tracking the time you spend on various tasks, but also for documenting hourly rates for projects, making billing a snap.


OfficeTime is the ideal time management app for freelancers, consultants, and small teams, as well as for anyone who just wants to increase their awareness of how they spend their hours. If you need additional encouragement to check out this app, OfficeTime has conducted and shared the results of a survey of the Top 10 Time Killers in today's society, which you can view HERE. When you see how much time on average people spend unproductively, you may indeed be inspired to get this excellent time and expense tracking tool.

OfficeTime also has a free version HERE (with limited features). Try it out with nothing to lose. Not only that, but OfficeTime is unique in that you are guaranteed a refund if it doesn't pay for itself in productivity recording.

2. Jet Scanner ($1.99)

Jet Scanner is a handy app that allows you to convert any image on your camera to a professional and official-quality PDF, which you can share via email or easily upload to multiple cloud services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote.


With Jet Scanner you can quickly create high-quality PDFs on the go from images in your iDevice. Jet Scanner is perfect for creating PDFs of official documents, contracts, receipts, articles, images, or anything you want to save and store in a PDF file.

Jet Scanner also conveniently allows you to configure the resolution of your PDFs to create smaller-sized files. You can select, crop, and add multiple images to your Jet Scanner PDF files. You can view all of them with Jet Scanner’s in-app PDF viewer.


Jet Scanner is an ideal solution for both professional and casual use. It is one of the easiest ways to convert images on your iDevice into easy to use, view, and share PDF files.

3. Documents by Readdle (Free)

Documents by Readdle is one of my favorite apps for managing all of my documents and files. While not the newest of apps (initially released as ReaddleDocs in 2010), Readdle has made significant updates since its introduction. I tried the app years ago, and recently revisited it when I got word of an update. Now better than ever, Readdle is your one-stop document and file manager as well as fully functional text editor and web browser. Additionally, Documents by Readdle is now a universal app allowing for syncing between any iOS device via iCloud.

Siva's Reviews: Documents by Readdle    

Whether you are viewing images, listening to audio files, editing documents, or viewing PDFs, Documents by Readdle is designed to handle it all with ease and efficiency. In fact, Documents by Readdle ranks as one of the best all-inclusive apps for managing many different file types.

Siva's Reviews: Documents by Readdle

Readdle’s Documents has a built-in web browser for easy researching within the app. It conveniently allows users to save web pages within the app as URL links, PDFs, or HTML format. Additionally, Documents has great security features, letting you create a custom passcode required in order to access your data.

While Documents allows for integration with many of today's more popular cloud services, my only gripe with the app is that unlike many other text editors, this app does not allow direct, in-app editing of text within any linked cloud service provider. It would be great if you could edit your Dropbox or Google Drive text documents from within Readdle without having to download the file to Readdle first, only to have to re-upload it again. Hopefully we will see greater cloud service editing flexibility in future updates, as this minor drawback is really the only shortcoming of this otherwise stellar app.

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