Outdoor Technology's Adapt: Turn anything with an audio jack into a Bluetooth speakerphone.

Siva's Reviews: Outdoor Technology's Adapt


Outdoor Technology’s Adapt is one of those clever inventions that seem self-evident after the fact. Once you see it, it just makes sense, and almost immediately your mind begins to think of numerous ways it would be convenient to have around! In fact, the Adapt by Outdoor Technology is a relatively simple device; a Bluetooth relay with a built-in microphone, which recieves and transmits a Bluetooth signal between any devices equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack. But that succinct description doesn't do this handy gadget justice.
Google it. See for yourself. There isn't really anything else on the market quite like this. Yes, there are a few bulky Bluetooth recievers or transmitters floating around out there, but noting this balanced between being a reciever, a transmitter and a microphone, all in a self-contained mini-adapter. Definitely nothing else this tiny or ruggedly built! This is a unique gizmo, in part because it doesnt attach to the transmission (iPhone) side of things, it attaches to the reciever (earphone) side of things, making your speakers, headset or car stereo Bluetooth enabled, just like that! The trailblazers at Outdoor Technology have an original product on their hands, one that sets a high bar for any such versatile Bluetooth adapters to come! Read on for more deatils on this amazing little invention!

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Siva's Reviews: Outdoor Technology's Adapt
The Adapt is quite unique in more ways than one! For starters, it has a mic built into it, so that any speaker or headphone that can plug into a 3.5mm jack can instantly bcome not only Bluetooth capable, but also speakerphone/microphone capable. Furthermore, the Adapt has been ruggedized for heavy-duty outdoor action, and is water-resistant to boot, truly earning its status as worthy of the reputable Outdoor Tech brand name.
Wether you are in your car, at home, on the boat, or just out walking, wherever you have your iDevice you can have a Bluetooth capable speaker or headphone that can also serve as a speakerphone for conference calls, video chats, Face Time, Skype etc., etc.
Siva's Reviews: Outdoor Technology's Adapt
The Adapt is truly one of my favarite gadgets that I've come across lately. In fact, it's something I had been searching for unsuccessfully, until now. In fact, if the folks at Outdoor Technology hadn't found me and sent me a review unit, I likely would not have heard of this wonderful little tool. Now that I have, I am so grateful for the convenience factor it has brought to my life that I can't wait to share it with all of you.
Now my premium quality, noise isolating cable earbuds are Bluetooth enabled. Now I can transmit wirelessly from my iPhone to my 2006 car stereo, which only has a 3.5 mm jack. Now, wherever I happen to be in my house, I can recieve and transmit to any Bluetooth enabled speaker or headset; it works perfectly across distances of up to  30 - 35 feet. Even out on the trails when I'm out walking, I don't need to worry about a tangle of cords. I can simply budle my earphone cable up neatly and compactly (I always use a mini-sailor's coil loop to keep my cables untangled) and attach the Adapt to the 3.5 mm jack and viloa! A Bluetooth wireless connection with noise and echo cancelling features, and clear, crisp audio and mic reception. The Adapt even boasts over 150 hours standby time and over 9 hours talk-time.
And while I wouldn't advise dunking the Adapt under water, I can say that it's design is such that an accidental and brief drop in the sink, toilet or ocean shouldn't do it any harm. It also seems like a very well-crafted piece of hardware, designed to be durable and withstand the abuse and hardship of a day to day active lifestyle. My kind of device accessory indeed!
Siva's Reviews: Outdoor Technology's Adapt
If you are looking for the perfect accessory to free you from able connections, look no further. And if you have a pair of nice headphones or earphones that you only wish were Bluetooth ready, again, look no further. Or, if you are looking for a great little gift for a tech-head, once again, look no further for the Adapt is the perfect stocking stuffer of small holiday gift. The Adapt is available for $40.00 from Outdoor Technology. At $40.00, the ability to transform any audio device into a Bluetooth audio speakerphone is well worth taking a second look at.

As always, thank you for reading and stay tuned for more reviews of great accessories and excellent apps for the holiday season!
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