Otterbox: A Tale Of Two Cases. Something Old, Something New...

OtterBOX iPhone casesIf you are looking for a great protective case for your iPhone then Otterbox has got you covered! This company has been in the business of making cases that provide serious protection (for what is likely one of your more prized possessions) for years. Whatever situation you may be facing, whether off-roading in Colorado, sailing adventures in the Caribbean, metal-smithing, camping out, traveling India, outdoor concerts or medical environments (to name a few scenarios I've found myself in), Otterbox has a case that is designed to keep your iPhone safe, secure and protected.



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OtterBOX iPhone cases

Otterbox Defender Series

Price: $50.00 - $60.00, depending on which of their wide selection of color themes you opt for.


The Otterbox Defender is a hugely popular, crowd favorite, and a case that has been one of my personal favorite iPhone heavy-duty cases for many years now. The Defender offers solid protection with a strong, rigid, plastic shell covered by a secondary layer of snug-fitting silicon for protection from shock, and increased grip. It also comes with a rotating belt clip holster.


OtterBOX iPhone casesOtterBOX iPhone casesOtterBOX iPhone cases


The Defender is a well-built case with a protective, scratch resistant screen protector built into the front of the case and set within a beveled ridge around the rim of the touch screen. The headphone and docking ports are covered with silicone flaps, and while this case isn't designed to protect your iPhone from debris and water like a fully sealable, waterproof case will, I know many people (myself included) who swear their Otterbox Defender has saved their iPhone on numerous occasions, from certain and sudden death. This case also comes with a sturdy belt clip that has a rotating mounting-bracket for both ease of use while it's clipped on, and when not attached, doubles as a viewing stand for your convenience.





OtterBOX iPhone cases


The Otterbox Armor Series, available later this month for the iPhone 4/4S.

Price: As yet unknown, stay tuned!


This soon-to-be-released case has great potential, to be in my opinion, one of the BEST cases, one of the most versatile cases on the market. Otterbox knows their stuff when it comes to manufacturing quality cases that give great protection at affordable prices. I expect nothing less, with this latest venture from the company, into the waterproof case category.


OtterBOX iPhone cases

Above image of the new Armor case's stainless steel docking port cover.


The video (see below) features an impressive display of what looks to be an outstanding and exceptional case. The video shows folks engaged in all manner of activities where a phone could get seriously damaged (like kayaking, ATV-ing and welding) but what the video leaves out, which I think is an important point, is that the Armor isn't just a case for hardcore adventure enthusiasts or people who work under extreme conditions. The Armor, with its compact and unobtrusive design, seems as if it may be the perfect case for anyone who simply wants truly reliable protection for his or her iPhone. From the looks of it, the Armor just may be a case that, as a person who reviews many iPhone cases, of all types, I could recommend to just about anyone. Indeed, the Otterbox Armor may be the "if-I-could-only-have-one-case-on-a-desert-island" case choice!



Stay tuned to iPhone Life Magazine for my in-depth and detailed review of this case, coming shortly!

And as always, thank you for reading.


OtterBOX iPhone cases

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