From the Originator of Beats by Dre, Come the Monster Inspiration Headphones

Monster headphones have been in the business of making premium audio accessories for over three decades now, and they have built up quite a reputation by developing high-end audio gear. Over the years I've heard a great deal about the amazing quality of  the audio gear made by Monster, the company served as the launch pad for Apple-owned Beats by Dre. So when I had to opportunity to try a pair of the Monster Inspiration Lite on-ear headphones ($269.95), I was excited to see how these headphones from the company that helped shape the future of Beats would perform.

From the Originator of Beats by Dre, Come the Monster Inspiration Headphones

Design and Comfort

The Inspiration headphones have a great look to them; with a sleek and sophisticated, modern design. The Lites are currently available in two colors (black and white, with a silver option to be released in the near future), and they have the ability to swap out the headband strap for one of dozens of different color options. The underside of the headband is well padded as are the ear cushions making these headphones great for longer listening sessions, though I have to say, as someone with big ears, I generally prefer over-ear headphones due to the extra space and comfort of their larger earcups. For those of you who prefer over-ear headphones, for a very limited time Monster is offering their full size, over-ear pair of the Inspiration headphones for the exact same price. This deal won't last long, so grab them while you can.

Another feature I like about the Inspiration Lite headphones is that they come with an audio cable input jack in both earpieces, so you can choose your preferred side to plug into source, and more importantly this allows users to take advantage of Monster's MusicShare feature. MusicShare is a feature of the on-ear Inspiration Lites, which lets you connect one pair of headphones to source, and then an additional pair of headphones to the first pair so that multiple listeners can enjoy the same audio. This is a great feature for gamers in particular, or any environment where multiple listeners want to tune in to the same audio without disturbing others nearby. As a bonus, one of the two included audio cables has the much-appreciated feature of in-line volume, Siri and playback control buttons.

From the Originator of Beats by Dre, Come the Monster Inspiration Headphones

These headphones fold up for convenient travel and their on-ear design is perfect for those times when an over-ear pair of 'phones might be either too bulky or too noise-isolating. Considering that the Inspiration Lites are an on-ear design, they actually provide excellent passive noise isolation, keeping external background noise out while keeping whatever you may be listening to well contained. They are also relatively sturdy, which is a good thing, since I can easily envision these being someone's go-to pair of cans for travel.

From the Originator of Beats by Dre, Come the Monster Inspiration Headphones

Acoustic Quality

The audio quality of the Inspirations is what you might expect from a company that has been tried and tested for as long as Monster has; they sound amazing. These cans bring refined technology and years of research and development to the equation and the resulting product is one that has to be heard to be fully appreciated. These Monster headphones are as good, if not better, than what Beats delivered before they were under Apple's banner, as the don't suffer from the excessive bass that so many complained about with Beats. The Inspiration are most impressive though, when you actually have them wrapped around your head. That's when they shine brightest, when their pristine and well-balanced soundscape can truly be relished.


The Monster Inspiration Lites on-ears that I tested were a little confined feeling for my ears. Even though I enjoyed the audio quality tremendously, I'd encourage anyone who happens to fancy these headphones to consider the larger, more spacious Inspiration over-ear model. Whichever way your pleasure tends, whether toward on-ear or over-ear headphone styles, the Monster Inspiration are an excellent investment in a high-quality audio accessory. I feel safe in saying that they won't disappoint.


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5 out of 5 Stars


•Lead image: Noel Lee, CEO of Monster, with various celebrity fans.

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