New iPad mini brings a new crop of great cases. [Roundup]

iPad mini cases


Hurrah! At long last, the iPad mini is officially here! I feel like I've been waiting for this iDevice for literally years now, as I've been following the rumors about it's existence since whisperings of iPad mini prototypes first started floating around back in 2010. And now that it's here, the time is right to start looking at protective cases for the new mini. I would say, now more than ever, it is important to have a good case for your iPad. Why? Because, although the larger iPad is relatively portable and many people do indeed tote it around with them, the iPad mini is ULTRA-portable and I expect that it will be carried around much more than it's larger cousin. Knowing that the mini will see more action and adventure than any iPad previously ever has, and therefore be exposed to greater risky situations and opportunities for inadvertent damage, let's take the opportunity to check out some of the first cases to become available for the latest member of the beloved iPad family!

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iPad mini cases


One of my favorite case manufacturers hands down is Otterbox. They have a history of making outstanding protective cases for iDevices, and I can say that over the years, I've tested just about all of them. Now Otterbox is one of the first companies out of the gate, to offer a great case for the iPad mini.


The Defender for the iPad mini continues in the tradition of excellence that Otterbox has established, providing some of the best protection you can get for your mini, at a very affordable price (considering the level of security the Defender provides) and without adding much in the way of extra bulk.


iPad mini cases


Similar in construction to the latest Defender cases for the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2/3, the iPad mini case features a rugged and resiliant, tough rubber outer skin, which fits snugly over a shatter resistant internal skeleton. This approach allows for the maximum protection against not only shock, drops and vibration, but with the Defender's integrated plastic screen protector and it's tear-resistant port covers, this iPad mini case seals up very efficiently, thus providing a reasonable measure of protection from the near-inevitable spalshes and spills of liquids that can be so damaging to the iPad mini.


The Defender for the iPad mini will cost $70.00 and is available now, for pre-order! This is one of my favorite cases on the market (rugged or otherwise!) and I give it 4 out of 5 stars.


Another company that was ready to debut their ipad mini cases is Cygnett. Cygnett has a wide line of iPad mini cases, but the one I'd like to bring your attention to is the Workmate. If you  are familiar with Cygnett cases then perhaps you are already familiar with the Workmate case, since they also offer a version for the iPhone 4 and 5.

iPad mini cases     iPad mini cases


The Workmate is a rough and tumble-ready case that weighs in on the lighter side of the heavy-duty case spectrum. With ample shock absorbing protection your iPad mini will be safe and secure in the Workmate. The case incorporates a silicone inner skin with a tough, polycarbonate exoskeleton, which when combined, will keep your mini safe from everyday bumps and bruises and unexpected hazzards. It's always the unexpected ones that do the most damage afterall!


The Cygnett Workmate is available for $40.00 and gets a 3.5 star rating!


Incipio enters the iPad mini case scene with an elegant option for anyone looking for a more fashion friendly mini case. The Lexington protective iPad mini folio is just that, a sleek and stylish case that looks good while protecting your valuable investment. This executive case would be perfect for any business person, college student, professor or doctor; anyone in a position where presenting yourself professionally is a plus.


iPad mini cases


With a rigid plastic rear shell that snaps onto the back of the iPad mini, microfleece lining, smartcover features and faux leather exterior, this is the perfect case for anyone looking to make a bold and classy statement while keeping thier iPad mini well protected at home, on the job, in the classroom, in the boradroom and on the go!


The Incipio Lexington iPad mini hard shell folio is available for $40.00 and gets a rating of 3.5 stars.


X-doria is known for making some really innovative and creative iDevice accessories, and the line up for the new ipad mini is no exception. Featuring an array of colorful and unque designs, the X-doria line of iPad mini cases is one of the more colorful and idividualistic you'll find. Combining a quality craftsmanship and integrity of design, the X-doria iPad mini cases are a great option for anyone looking to get funky and express their individuality in a clever and stylish way.


iPad mini cases


iPad mini cases


Another noteworthy attribute of X-doria's iPad mini cases is the way they feel to the touch. Xdoria have made a name for themselves, crafting cases that are functional, protective and that feel exquisite to touch. Their cases are as much works of modern art as they are reliable security for your new iDevice. The X-Doria iPad mini cases provide something for everyone and range in price from $20.00 to $40.00.


iPad mini cases


iPad mini cases


I give the X-doria iPad mini case line-up a 3.5 star rating and would strongly suggest anyone looking for an affordable iPad mini case that stands out from the crowd, to definitely check their products out!


Last but not least there is the ShockDrop from HardCandy. The ShockDrop is, as it's name implies, a case designed to withstand some serious shocks and drops and other abuses that most cases wouldn't be able to handle near as well. The ShockDrop case features a dense and rugged external silicone skin than slips on over a sturdy polycarbonate internal frame. The silicone skin is thick and durable, with tear-resistant port flaps. The ShockDrop also has an incorporated screen protector which serves to both keep your mini's screen safe while also helping to keep any debris or inadvertant liquid contact from getting to your precious iDevice.


iPad mini cases


With your iPad mini in the ShockDrop case, you can rest assured that whether it's a fall off the kitchen counter, or a drop while out hiking the trails, your iPad mini will likely be none the worse for wear. I give the ShockDrop 4 stars!


The ShockDrop will cost you $50.00, which I'd say is well worth it considering the superior level of iPad protection.


As always, thank you for reading and stay tuned as I keep you updated on all the latest in iPad mini accessories that will be rolling out in the coming weeks!

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