myCharge Roundup: Excellent Charging Solutions for iDevices.

myCharge: Featuring a Complete Line of Charging Solutions For Our iDevices.

myCharge's lineup of unique and creative iDevice charging solutions offers something for just about any on-the-go charging need. Whether you are looking for an iPhone case with a built-in external battery, a lightweight charging option for a quick emergency backup, or a serious back-up battery capable of multiple recharges for longer adventures and outings, myCharge has something for you.

The Freedom iPhone Case ($79.99): Your iPhone’s Powerful Ally 

myCharge: Featuring a Complete Line of Charging Solutions For Our iDevices.

The Freedom iPhone case sports a stylish design and a 2000 mAh Li-ion battery incorporated into the backside of this protective case. The Freedom features a built-in Lightning charging cable that plugs directly into the iPhone when it’s time for a boost up. With the Freedom case you gain up to nine hours of talk time in your iPhone. Available in a variety of colors, the Freedom case will fit anyone’s style and at a very affordable price.


The Jolt ($59.99): Delivers Big Power in a Tiny Package


myCharge: Featuring a Complete Line of Charging Solutions For Our iDevices.

Available in a 2000 mAh model, the Jolt gives you up to nine hours of talk time in one of myCharge’s most diminutive battery formats. The Jolt is lightweight and compact and features a carabiner-style clip  incorporated into its design so you can easily clip it onto your belt loop, backpack or just throw it into your purse. It also comes with a built in Lightning charging cable.


The AMPxt ($49.99–$69.99): Your Hefty and Rugged Charging Station On-The-Go

myCharge: Featuring a Complete Line of Charging Solutions For Our iDevices.

The AMPxt comes in two versions: a 3000 mAh version and a 6000 mAh version. The 3000xt provides up to 13 hours of talk time and the 6000xt model provides up to 27 hours of talk time. The AMPxt is a heavy-duty, adventure-ready battery charger that is water resistant, dirt proof, and shock resistant. The 3000 mAh model supports charging two devices via USB and the 6000 mAh model will charge three devices. The AMPxt is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle that demands an extremely durable, high-performance external back up battery. I personally know several folks who work in hazardous zones and dangerous environments who consider the AMPxt to be the most reliable source of back-up power for their mobile devices.


The Hub Series ($69.99, $99.99, and $129.99)My Personal Favorite

myCharge: Featuring a Complete Line of Charging Solutions For Our iDevices.

Known as the “Swiss Army Knife” of portable charging devices, the Hub includes a built-in lightning cable and is capable of charging up to three devices at the same time. Expect to gain 13 hours of extra talk time with the Hub 3000, 27 hours of talk time with the Hub 6000, and a whopping 40 hours of iPhone talk time with the Hub 9000. The Hub comes with a Lightning connector, a micro USB, and a USB port built in, and it plugs directly into a wall socket to recharge.



All of the myCharge battery chargers are well built, with sturdy, dependable construction that should last for years under normal use. Their products won't let you down in a pinch when you need that extra juice for your iDevice to get you by. When you are looking at options for a top-quality iPhone or iPad back-up battery, myCharge will definitely have something for you, and, they make GREAT stocking stuffers or small gifts for any heavy iDevice user on your holiday shopping list.

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