The Mophie Juice Pack PRO: Looking For The Perfect Gift For Father's Day? [Review]

Mophie Juice Pack PRO [Review]5 Stars out of 5! If you are looking for a great gift idea for dad this Father's Day, please let me tell you about the Mophie Juice Pack PRO! In fact and of course, the Juice Pack PRO isn't just for dads, but for anyone who is either rough on their iPhone, a battery hog, or someone who lives any kind of active or extreme lifestyle.


If you follow my column here on, you know I can be rough on cases, and you also know that it takes a lot to get my iPhone out of her Lifeproof case. In the instance of the Mophie Juice Pack PRO however, it was a pleasure to do so. This case, while not waterproof, is built so tough! I have been very impressed with its overall construction. It truly does exceed military specifications as it claims, and it does it in style. Indeed, all the details have been paid attention to with this heavy-duty workhorse. With its 2,500 mAh external battery (enough to almost triple the lifespan of your iPhone's battery!) safely encapsulated within the polycarbonate shell, and its precision design, this case sits in a unique position in a sea of rugged cases. It is the ONLY case that offers this degree of protection, while also incorporating a battery, much less a battery of this high capacity, and with a relatively small and unobtrusive form factor. It fits the hand with ergonomic finesse, with a smooth, yet high traction, dense, silicone skin that snaps firmly and securely into grooves and slots within the underlying, shatterproof plastic, inner frame.

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While the Juice Pack PRO is not waterproof, it comes close (and I won't be surprised to see a waterproof version before too, too long!) and I wouldn't be afraid to take it into situations where my iPhone saw minimal expose to water, like out in the rain or snow. Just don't submerge it!


Mophie Juice Pack PRO [Review}


The case also does something I always appreciate in a rugged, heavy-duty, military specification case. It's tasteful while being practical, and it looks good! It highlights the iPhone's "natural" elegance. Another perk of the Mophie Juice Pack PRO is that the case literally enhances the sound quality of the iPhone, by channeling it through sound vents which give your audio increased volume, extra crispness and more powerful bass.


Mophie Juice Pack PRO [Review}


Every point of potential entry for debris is either covered by a thick, snug, silicone cap, or a transparent, scratch-resistant PET (clear plastic) shield. Additional features include 4 LED lights at the bottom of the case which let you monitor the Juice Pack PRO's own internal charge, as well as a stand-by switch so that you can control when, and how much you wish to charge your iPhone from the Mophie case. And the icing on the cake is that you can easily charge your iPhone and the Juice Pack Pro without disassembling the case via an included special USB cable.


So if you can't tell, I'm enthusiastic about a case like this finally hitting the market! *Other than the fact that with the powerful extra battery capacity, that's just so much more electromagnetic radiation we subject our bodies too on a regular basis, I can't find any fault with this excellent new addition to an already great line of products. Good job Mophie!


Mophie Juice Pack PRO [Review}


If you have a man in the family, who likes to get a lot of use out of his iPhone, then I unreservedly (*see above) recommend this case to anyone looking for the perfect present! The Mophie Juice Pack PRO is available by clicking HERE, with a price tag of $129.00.


As always, thank you for reading, and please feel welcome and invited to leave any comments below...

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