Monster 24K Headphones Bring a Head Full of Bling

If you are one of the elite few to score a gold Apple Watch, or if you gravitate towards the gold iPhones or iPads, then the Monster 24K headphones ($299.95) may be the perfect accessory to compliment your sense of style. Monster's 24K headphones are a sleek synthesis of a high performance, self-contained sound system, with decadent elegance and posh style. With their extremely flashy look, the 24K may not be for everyone, but for those looking to make a Kardashian-esque fashion statement with their headphones, these are a classy alternative.
The 24Ks have two things going for them that make them particularly noteworthy: design and quality. In terms of quality, they are a well-made pair of headphones with excellent features and dynamic sound reproduction. They feature large speaker drivers encased in cozy, over-ear earcups. The earcups are gimbaled to conform to your head in the most comfortable way possible. Another cool feature of the 24Ks is the DJ-style articulation of both earcups, both of which can swivel backwards so that you can opt to listen to your headphone's audio with both ears, or you can listen to audio with one ear and the world around you with the other.
In terms of sound quality, the 24Ks deliver pristine and refined acoustics. In my trials I listened to a diverse selection of audio, including high definition movies and core video games, as well as a wide variety of music ranging from the Grateful Dead to Enya. Whatever my audio stream, I was consistently impressed with the 24K's clarity and depth. Whether it was psychedelic jam sessions with Jerry Garcia and the band, or long Vainglory gaming sessions (where both audio clarity and earcup comfort are a priority) the 24K never let me down and in fact, reminded me how much I respect the Monster brand. They have a well-earned reputation for producing exceptional headphones and the 24Ks are a compliment to the Monster legacy.
In terms of design, the 24Ks are a shiny example of how much the gleam of gold appeals to the human psyche. Just looking at the 24Ks conveys the sense that you are gazing at a pair of headphones that are as much a valuable work of art as they are a shining example of how good gold can look on just about anything. The gold finish is beautiful and certainly makes a strong statement. In fact, more than any other pair of 'phones I've spent time with, the 24Ks will make you feel like a superstar. These headphones seem to me to be best suited for the younger, fashion-conscious urbanite, as opposed to the older or more conservative type, who might prefer another one of Monster's headphone offerings like the Inspiration, which I've also favorably reviewed here at iPhone Life.
The 24Ks held up well under my strenuous testing conditions, and their shiny gold coating was durable and scratch resistant, maintaining a high level of shine, even after many hours of not-so-gentle use. The earcups and headband were well padded, enabling long hours of comfortable listening and the included audio cable comes with an inline microphone for phone calls and voice commands. The Monster 24K are the kind of extravagant headphones you get when you want it to be clear that you are paparazzi material, regardless of whether you are famous or not.
  • Comfortable enough to wear for long stretches.
  • For anyone looking for some considerable bling in their headphones, the 24K are hard to beat.
  • Excellent audio from this reputable company, featuring Monster's patented AAT (Advanced Audio Technology)
  • Convenient DJ-style, swiveling earcups for DJ's or anyone who wants to be able to hear what's going on around them. Perfectly suited for the person mixing beats for a party.
  • Their folding arms also make the 24K ultra-portable and easy to carry on-the-go.
  • The Monster 24K are also currently available for a super discount ($239.99) over at Fry's Electronics. That's over $50.00 off of their regular retail price.
  • The only thing that would have made the 24K an even sweeter deal would have been if the inline controls didn't just include a mic and a voice activation/call answering button, but also incorporated volume control/track selection buttons.
If you think that Kim Kardashian, Lil' Wayne, or Marshawn Lynch have nothing on you, and a little bit of flashy audio gear sounds like it would be right up your alley, look no further, the Monster 24K are for you! They not only deliver amazing audio, but they do so in one of the most original and mesmerizing packages currently available on the headphone market. With the 24K on, be prepared to turn some heads.
iPhone Life Rating:
5 out of 5 Stars
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