The Wait is Over! Lifeproof's New iPad Cases are Available Now.

Lifeproof iPad Case

There are a good many rugged, heavy-duty, protective cases on the market for our iDevices, and over the years I've tried out most of them. Again and again I am reminded that case maker Lifeproof consistently produces the most reliable, high-quality all-purpose protective case you can find. Not only do they manufacture some of the best waterproof iDevice cases on the market, they manage to do so while keeping their case designs in line with the Jobsian vision of a sleek, low-profile, and elegantly beautiful pocket computing device. Allowing full functionality and interactivity with your iDevice, the Lifeproof cases are, simply put, what the iPhone and iPad would look like, if Jobs had designed them to be shock proof, dirt proof, and liquid proof. No more, no less. Lifeproof just released their long anticipated line of cases for the iPad Air as well as the iPad mini. Continue reading to find out how these new cases deliver on their promise to provide total protection for life on the go.

If you are a regular reader of iPhone Life you may already know that I'm a big fan of Lifeproof cases. They are produced with integrity, and meticulous attention to detail is poured into every aspect of their development. They aren't usually the first to market with protective cases when the newest iDevices come out, but the extra time and attention Lifeproof pours into the design and testing of their cases is worth the wait and shows in the precision crafting of their product.

Lifeproof was the first case maker to hit the market with a full-time use iDevice case. Prior to that, if you wanted a waterproof case it would invariably be a huge, clunky affair which required a Herculean effort to lug around with you. With Lifeproof we saw for the first time, a line of cases that were not only form-fitting and aesthetically pleasing, but were also designed to be used all the time. Before Lifeproof revolutionized the rugged case industry it seemed like a case that was waterproof and rugged, yet also allowed you to fully interact with your touchscreen, and access your headphone and charging ports, were traits that would be impossible to find in one case. With the Lifeproof cases we were introduced to cases that were specifically designed to be left on all the time, whether charging, underwater, or in whatever occupation or pastime you happen to engage in.

Now, continuing this tradition of excellence, Lifeproof has improved on their design for the iPad 2-4 with the new Lifeproof frē case for Apple’s iPad Air ($109.99). One of the first attributes I noticed with the new iPad Air Lifeproof cases were their improved, slimmed-down design.

The original Lifeproof nüüd for the iPad 2–4 was a super-protective case, but it was also a hefty thing, especially considering it was a Lifeproof product. With the newer frē and nüüd models for the iPad mini, Lifeproof tweaked their design, slimming the case down and making it more form-fitting. This slimmed down design makes it way to the Lifeproof nüüd and frē iPad Air case. With the redesigned and refined style of the new iPad Air cases Lifeproof has developed what I’d consider to be their best iPad cases thus far.

Also new to the Lifeproof catalog are the just released Lifeproof frē ($99.99) and Lifeproof nüüd ($119.99) cases for the iPad mini with Retina display.

Unlike the iPad Air which was a complete redesign from the previous iPad versions 2–4, the iPad mini with Retina display kept (for the most part) basically the same specs as the original iPad mini. This means that the new Lifeproof iPad mini cases will fit both the original iPad mini as well as the new iPad mini with Retina.

The Lifeproof cases offer your new iPad the kind of protection that will give you the confidence to carry your iPad along with you wherever you may roam. Whether you primarily use your iPad around the house, on the job site, or while adventuring outdoors, the svelte, minimalistic Lifeproof cases will keep your iPad safe and sound without adding much in the way of bulk, or limiting your interaction or ease of use with your iPad. If you're looking for some serious waterproof and all around ruggedly dependable protection for your iPad, the Lifeproof nüüd and frē cases are in my opinion, your best options.

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