Lifeproof frē for iPad mini Available Now

Siva's Reviews: Lifeproof fre for iPad mini

The new, highly-anticipated Lifeproof iPad mini case ($99.99) is now available. Available now at Best Buy as well as at Lifeproof's website, the frē is nothing short of a feat of modern design genius.

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The frē takes all of the best elements of its Lifeproof predecessors and fuses them to create a case that is Lifeproof’s best so far. If you are already familiar with Lifeproof cases, you know that the company (recently purchased by Otterbox) excels at crafting some of the best protective cases for iDevices. Sporting slim profiles, supporting full-time use, complete functionality, and control accessibility, Lifeproof cases could perhaps be considered more of an enhancement to your iDevice as opposed to an encumbrance. If Steve Jobs had designed a ruggedized, waterproof, shock proof, snow proof and dust proof iDevice, it likely would have turned out similar to the Lifeproof case. This go-anywhere, do-anything case is simply the best in its class.

All of the Lifeproof cases are unique, and all live up to their claim of making your iDevice virtually “life proof.” Each and every case is water tested and proven to work the way it says it does. Now, with the iPad mini, we see all of the best attributes of Lifeproof’s preceding case designs, plus some great new tweaks and modifications.

Siva's Reviews: Lifeproof fre for iPad mini

In addition to its one-of-a-kind, exceptional protection, the Lifeproof frē is the first Lifeproof iDevice case to do away with that pesky and oh-so-easy-to-loose screw-in headphone jack plug. Instead, the frē has a snug silicone plug that opens and closes with ease and stays put as it is attached to the main body of the case. When the headphone cover is open, it allows for the use of headphone or earbuds without requiring an adapter to screw into the port. These are all welcome design improvements indeed. Additionally, the new Lifeproof for the iPad mini also comes with a convenient optional shoulder strap included.

Siva's Reviews: Lifeproof fre for iPad mini

The rear of the case’s body is clear, like its bigger cousin, the Lifeproof nüüd. This is great for showing off the Apple logo, or as I've done, putting your own photo on the back for a customized look. Furthermore, the frē has worked some simple magic with regard to the case’s acoustics. Built into the rear shell of the Lifeproof iPad mini case is an internal, square, beveled area that creates a thin sound chamber where air and audio combine to deliver a sound that surpasses what the iPad mini alone is capable of. This low key detail significantly amplifies and enhances the acoustics (we're talking loud with deep bass), delivering one of the best listening experiences I've enjoyed from my iPad mini, especially when you consider the fact that the mini is encased within a heavy-duty, waterproof case.


Siva's Reviews: Lifeproof fre for iPad mini

Look for a whole slew of iPad mini Lifeproof case support accessories, soon to be released.

In every respect, the Lifeproof frē for the iPad mini is a superior case. Whether for the casual circumstances of day to day use, or rugged and extreme situations, the frē for the iPad mini is without a doubt my top choice for the best, most comprehensive iPad mini protective case.

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