Lifeproof Remains Leader of the Pack in Rugged, Waterproof iOS Cases

Lifeproof: Leader of the Pack

There are many great waterproof, rugged protective cases on the market right now, with manufacturers unveiling new ones all the time it seems. Having had the opportunity to evaluate many of the best waterproof, heavy-duty cases currently available, I have to say, Lifeproof’s line of waterproof iDevice cases still steal the show.

Lifeproof: Leader of the Pack

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The Lifeproof frē for iPhone 5 ($79.99) and the original Lifeproof case for the iPhone 4/4S are excellent examples of what a great full-time use waterproof case can be. With the cases for iPhone 4 and 5 series, we see designs that are as minimalist and unobtrusive without sacrificing an ounce of durability. You could most accurately consider these cases enhancements to the iPhone design, rather than bulky behemoths that obscure the beautiful simplicity of the iPhone.

Lifeproof: Leader of the Pack

I've been a big fan of Lifeproof cases since the company debuted its first one for the iPhone 4/4S model. Never had I come across a protective case that looked less like a heavy-duty case. Like most people, if a case was waterproof, I figured it would be big, bulky affair, with no access to the charging port while encased, and with limited access to the iPhone’s few physical button and switches. Many  rugged cases that aren't even waterproof tend to be rather bulky and obtrusive. Lifeproof changed all that. With its iPhone 4/4S case, Lifeproof disrupted the industry standard as well as the public expectation of what a fully protective iPhone case could, and should be.

The current Lifeproof iOS product line includes the iPhone 5/5S frē, and the award-winning nüüd for the iPad 2-4, not to mention a slew of excellent accessories that make Lifeproof your go-to company for life on the go, with iDevice safely in tow! Lifeproof also is one of the few case manufacturers who offer an optional water-damage protection plan, insuring to replace your iDevice in the unlikely event that any water damage occurs.

Having spent a great deal of time examining the competition, I have to say I have yet to find a case that surpasses Lifeproof's quality, integrity, ease of use, and all-around versatility. If you are looking for the best, do yourself a favor and take a look at Lifeproof's offerings.

Lifeproof: Leader of the Pack    Lifeproof: Leader of the Pack    Lifeproof: Leader of the Pack

Lifeproof flotation "Lifejackets" for iPhone and iPad, and the Lifeproof iPhone armband.

Lifeproof: Leader of the Pack

The Lifeproof nüüd for the iPad is unique in its high level of protection as well as the fact that it leaves the iPad’s Gorilla Glass touch-screen uncovered and exposed.

Lifeproof: Leader of the Pack

The Lifproof frē for the iPhone 5 continues in the Lifeproof tradition of excellence, delivering a case that is akin to something Steve Jobs himself may have designed, had he been more adventurous and reckless.

Lifeproof: Leader of the Pack

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