Lifeproof CEO Gary Rayner addresses the huge demand for the Lifeproof iPhone 5 case.

Lifeproof for iPhone 5: Coming soon


Today the CEO of Lifeproof, Gary Rayner, addressed the leigons of Lifeproof fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone 5 Lifeproof  waterproof and shockproof case. Even though the iPhone 5 became available almost a month ago, Lifeproof's award-winning case design has yet to go on sale for the new device. Read on after the break for Rayner's message.

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In his letter to Lifeproof loyalists Rayner says:

We know you love your iPhone 5 and want a case that lets you take it everywhere without worrying about drops, scratches, daily living or the elements.

Our goal is for you to have your LifeProof Frē case as soon as possible, however, Apple does not share any information prior to their official announcement. We have an army of engineers working 24/7 on three continents, racing to get the case delivered.

You may be asking, "Why is LifeProof not yet on the market when other protective cases are?" The answer is simple: LifeProof is the only everyday case that’s water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof − which means we won’t design a product with gaping holes over the camera, microphones and speakers just to rush a case out the door. Without these protections, other case makers avoid any technical complexity in getting their cases ready.

At LifeProof, we make a promise to our customers to deliver the best case possible, even if it means our case takes a little longer to get to you.

Additionally, all LifeProof cases need to pass thorough independent lab testing to meet Military Standards for shock and impact protection, and for IP-68 water, dirt, and snow protection. Our team is working with total dedication and urgency because we believe this is worth getting right.

What's more, anyone can build a bulkier case, but we’re committed to making our thinnest and lightest case ever. This adds a level of complexity to our case, but our values drive us to deliver only the best. We want you to be thrilled with your LifeProof Frē case for the iPhone 5, and our new iPhone 5 case substantially improves every dimension of experience over our very popular iPhone 4 case.

And, we’re almost there! We expect to ship our first LifeProof Frē case for iPhone 5 within the month.

I thank you for your patience and I’m confident that you will believe the wait was totally worth it once your iPhone 5 is LifeProof.

Thanks for the update, I was just wondering when one of the best iPhone cases around will hit the market!

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