iPhone 6/6 Plus Case of the Week: The Powerful by Love Mei. [Updated]

iPhone 6/6 Plus Case of the Week: The Powerful by Love Mei.

It's that time of year again. Right after a new iPhone comes out there is the inevitable deluge of great cases to protect your new investment. This happens with every iPhone release, but perhaps never more markedly than with the introduction of the completely new form factors of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. If ever an iPhone needed a case, it is these large and larger models, with their increased real estate, slick, rounded edges, and extra weight. Rather than clump a bunch of individual cases together I'll be focusing on one great case each  week over the course of the coming months. This week's featured case is the Powerful; a tremendously protective, extreme-duty iPhone case  of gargantuan proportions from Love Mei.

iPhone 6/6 Plus Case of the Week: The Powerful by Love Mei.

The Love Mei Powerful case is an excellent and more affordably protective case for the iPhone 6 series. The folks at MobileFun turned me on to this exemplary case and I have to say, I am quite impressed, which is saying something, considering how many cases I review. The Powerful is available for both the iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 6 Plus with both sporting a bargain price of $45.99.

This case is well made, with lots of flair and pizzazz! That said, it's a BIG honkin' case, and heavy as the dickens! It makes a big phone like the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus ginormous! But the extra heft and proportions come with the benefit of some pretty hardcore protection. This case is built like a military defense vehicle.

Practically Speaking

On a practical level, the honeycomb-injected silicone rubber inner frame is shock absorbing to the extreme and it extends outward on the edges by almost a quarter inch with an air-suspension style design. Not only does the inner silicone shield your iPhone from all but the harshest blows, it also covers all the ports and buttons without limiting access to the controls or functionality of the iPhone in the least. In fact, the Powerful actually makes it much easier to find and interact with the iPhone's minimalist button design. The only feature of the iPhone 6/6 Plus that is not accessible with the iPhone in the Powerful case, is Apple's Touch ID/Reachability features, which may or may not be a bad thing, depending on who you talk to. Instead of a thin, relatively flimsy piece of plastic over the home button, like many other rugged cases opt for, the Powerful employs a sturdy protective disk as armor over the home button.

iPhone 6/6 Plus Case of the Week: The Powerful by Love Mei.

The Powerful's  silicone skeleton is sandwiched between two panels of aircraft grade aluminum, which screw together over the silicone shell for even great shock and impact protection. Attached to the metal front panel is a screen protector made of shatter-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass, the same glass Apple uses for the iPhone's touchscreen. This is particularly impressive since high-quality glass screens are a luxury reserved primarily for the traditionally much more expensive, high-end rugged cases. The use of a glass screen protector also makes interacting with the iPhone's touchscreen almost identical to the experience you would have if you weren't using a screen protector at all! I could go on about how sweet it is to have a genuine glass screen protector on a rugged case, but if you've already tried out rugged cases with their standard, plastic touchscreen protectors, you already know that plastic screen protectors pale in comparison to glass.

A valid concern when it comes to heavy-duty cases is how much they will diminish the iDevice's sound quality. Love Mei has addressed this problem by building two sound channels into the case's design where the microphone and speakers are, and then covered the speakers and mics with a durable steel screen. While almost all rugged cases take a little away from the iPhone's sound quality, the Powerful manages to take little away from the microphone's clarity and if anything, it enhances the bass of the iPhone's lower speaker while preserving the mid-range frequencies. However, I did notice a slight loss of acoustic quality at the higher end of the spectrum.

Style and Flair

If you can handle the added bulk of the Powerful rugged case you'll be in for a treat, this is one snazzy heavy-duty case. It has a style and fitness that is sophisticated and modern. It sits well in the hands with a smooth feel while still providing plenty of contour and traction to help keep it from slipping out of your grip. And, since the Powerful is such a mammoth case, you may want to take advantage of the lanyard loop so you can loop it to your wrist (especially in any precarious circumstances) with your lanyard of choice.

iPhone 6/6 Plus Case of the Week: The Powerful by Love Mei.

The headphone port cover is a shiny hinged door with its very own bling in the form of a tiny stone-cut style jewel embedded on it. The mute switch (which is now located on the front face of the iPhone) is actuated by a slick looking button that looks as if it were set with an onyx stone. And the glass screen protector is an inclusion that makes interacting with the iPhone a sheer pleasure usually reserved for folks who like to live dangerously with no screen protection whatsoever.

iPhone 6/6 Plus Case of the Week: The Powerful by Love Mei.


With the water-resistant, shock-proof and crush-proof Love Mei Powerful case you can rest assured that your iPhone will be receiving some of the highest level of protection on the market. If you anticipate the need for an extreme-duty protective case, the Powerful is a bargain deal and well worth consideration. Rated on looks alone the Love Mei Powerful is a solid five-star case. The only slight drawbacks to this case are its size and weight, but then again, it's size and weight factor into the fact that this is one powerhouse of a rugged case. Additionally, the lack of access to Touch ID might be a deal breaker for some folks, but then again, having a solid, slightly textured button over the iPhone's home button might not been seen as a shortcoming for anyone looking for a truly rugged protective case.

iPhone Life rating:

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Update: It's been brought to our attention by the folks at Lunatik cases, that the Love Mei case may be in legal violation of Lunatik's patents on their rugged cases. It looks like a court case may ensue, and as a reporter who has been writing about Lunatik and their great cases for years, I have a feeling Love Mei will have an uphill battle in an American court of law. That said, Love Mei's Powerful is still available for purchase as of this update, so perhaps they are prepared to defend their right to the Powerful's design in a court of law. I've reached out to the representatives of Love Mei and will update this again upon recieving a response.
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