iPad Mini Update: Reliable sources point to an October media event unveiling. New device to officially be called "iPad mini".

Siva's Special Report: the iPad mini. New image courtesy of Macotakara.


First expert Apple analyst John Gruber, and then the good Mr. Jim Dalrymple weighed in on the speculation swirling around the upcoming product launch of the iPad mini. I folowed up on their reports with my own investigating and found that I simply couldn't argue with their reasoning. As I recently reported, it seems entirely plausible that the Apple iPad mini will not launch in conjunction with the iPhone 5, as I initially thought might have been the case. It is all but assured that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled at a September 12th event, becoming available on or around September 21st, with the iPad mini to be introduced about a month later.

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Now AllThingsD and Macrumors have also chimed in, in support of an expected product lauch of the iPad mini at a completely seperate media event in October. In fact, AllThingsD has gone so far, and been so bold as to call the new expected launch date in October "confirmed".

Siva's Special Report: the iPad mini


While I for one, am chomping at the bit to get my mits on the new iPad mini, it of course makes good sense that Apple would divide these two major announcements (the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini) into two completely seperate events. After all, why steal their own thunder, with their own product, especially heading into the upcoming holiday season!? Not to mention the overwhelming crowd turn out and subsequent chaos that could ensue if they releasd both products at the same time. It would be a veritable mob scene on par with when The Beatles landed in America for the first time, way back in 1964!


Additional breaking news today comes from Macrumors.  Citing the reliable Japanese blog Macotakara, Macrumors reports that according to a reputable Asian source, the name of Apple's new product, with its 7.85" front screen, will officially be called the "iPad mini", though this reporter thought the moniker "iPad nano" fits with Apple's running theme better. This same source expects that the "iPad" logo will be printed on the back of the case, in the same way as "iPod" is printed on the iPod nano and the iPod touch, and obviously this means one new product will be added to iPad's product brand genre.


As always, thank you for reading, and stay tuned to this blog and to iPhone Life for all the latest on the highly anticipated launch of the iPad mini! Are you excited yet???


{Above, new image of the iPad mini, coutesy of Macotakara}

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