The iPad mini: New design mockups are spot on, Unlike anything we envisioned.

Siva's Special Report: the iPad mini


Ah, now that's more like it! The blogosphere is abuzz today, with new and improved mockups of the speculated, soon-to-be-released iPad "mini".

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Siva's Special Report: the iPad mini


These mockups show the new iPad looking more like an enlarged iPod touch, a device that can be held and even operated one-handed! This is a marked difference from previous design mockups which have the purported iPad mini looking more like a shrunken down iPad.


Siva's Special Report: the iPad mini


These redesigned concepts of the iPad mini reveal a device that is incredibly thin, incredibly light and rather than having the thick and bulky bezel of the iPad, these renderings show an iPad that for all intents and purposes, looks much more akin to a large iPhone "5".! Though we must be clear, this new iPad will of course, be running the iPad version of iOS, and will (may or may not) have the same aspect ratio as the current iPads. I love it and can only hope that IF indeed Apple does unveil an iPad mini on September 12th, that it will look something like these images.


Siva's Special Report: the iPad mini


With a thickness comparable to the current generation iPod touch and weighing in at only a fraction of what the current generation iPad weighs, the highly-rumored and anticipated iPad mini promises to be pretty darn light and very portable, and priced to sell, with rumors placing the entry-level price for the iPad mini in the $200.00 - $250.00 range. In fact, this reporter plans on doing an experiment as soon as I get my hands on the new iPad mini, that being to see if I can ditch my cell phone entirely, in favor of a new, 3G or 4G/LTE enabled iPad mini. Stay tuned for my updates on how that goes.


Siva's Special Report: the iPad mini


To me, this is more in line with what I would expect to see from the meticulosly design-conscious Apple.


Many thanks to Rene Ritchie at iMore, Seth Weittraub at 9 to 5 Mac and John Gruber at Daring Fireball for their hard work in providng these mockups and information. For more details and in-depth analysis of the new iPad mini, their postings are well worth the read.


As the expected announcement date of the rumored iPad mini draws near I am sure the rumor mill will only pick up steam, so stay tuned to iPhone Life for all the latest breaking news, rumors and updates as the time approaches.

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