Introducing: Scosche's RAILKASE. Rugged protection for your iPhone 4/4S.


Siva's Reviews: Scosche's RAILKASE for the iPhone 4/4S


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Introducing the RAILKASE, from Scosche.


Siva's Reviews: Scosche's RAILKASE for the iPhone 4/4S


Scosche’s has entered into the  diverse and extensive field of rugged protection iPhone cases with what they call, the RAILKASE. The RAILKASE is a clever design that offers should offer a significant amount of protection for your iPhone, in most of the everyday circumstances you might encounter. This case isn't necessarily an extreme duty or military spec case, and it does lack one essential component that I feel any case claiming to be truly "ruggedized" ought to have, that being a built-in screen protector, but for most people in most situations, the Scosche RAILKASE will be more than enough to keep their iPhone safe and sound.

Siva's Reviews: Scosche's RAILKASE for the iPhone 4/4S

Black plastic where the rail passes over the internal antennae doesn't interfere with reception.


The RAILKASE get its moniker from the fact that the case consists of a standard form-fitting silicone skin, (which provides shock, impact and vibration protection), encased within a thin, aircraft grade aluminum “rail” that latches into place securely around the perimeter of the iPhone within it's silicone skin, offering great blunt force protection. The silicone skin also conveniently covers the volume controls and the power button as well as the headphone port with a snug fitting flap. The mute button is also covered with polycarbonate plastic for an overall end result of a very well protected case, without the bulk of most other rugged  cases.


Well, you may say: "What about antennae interference? Wouldn't a metallic frame potentially impede my wireless signal?” A very valid question, and one the engineering team over at Scosche didn't overlook! While the majority of the case frame is high grade and lightweight aluminum, the area of the rail frame that is closest to and directly over the iPhone’s internal antennae (see above picture), is actually constructed of high impact, shatter resistant polycarbonate, which will not interfere with your cellular reception.


Siva's Reviews: Scosche's RAILKASE for the iPhone 4/4S


One feature I am particularly fond of with the RAILKASE is its ergonomic design. With an hourglass shape to it, your hand will appreciate the comfortable and contoured way that it sits in your palm. Another perk to the RAILKASE is that, while it only comes with one aluminum “bumper”, it also comes with two interchangeable, different colored silicone skins (black and white), giving you the ability to change up your case to match your style, or just to match your iPhone.


The RAILKASE is an attractive iPhone case that is super easy to get on and off, and it feels great in your hands. As someone who can be rough on my iPhone and it's cases, I like to see a cover of some sort for the docking port as well as an integrated screen protection, in any case that claims to provide "rugged impact protection”, but for the average person, who isn't intentionally putting their iPhone through drop tests and field trials, the RAILKASE is likely to provide all the shock and impact protection they would need.



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