Introducing the New, 3D Surround Sound On-Ear Headphones from Monoprice

Monoprice has made quite a name for themselves lately, with their high-quality, low-price tech gear. Recently I had the opportunity to try out their newest pair of Bluetooth headphones, the Monoprice 10585 ($89.50). To say that these are an awesome pair of headphones would be an understatement. These are definitely one of the most comfortable pair of on-ear headphones I've ever tried on, at any price, and for under $90 these affordable and great sounding headphones might be hard to pass up. The 10585 sets itself apart from the crowd with a very unique sonic signature and physical design. If you think I'm kidding, then check out these specs:


Within any given category, all headphones are similar. But they are certainly not all created equal. An exceptional case in point is the 10585s from Monoprice, the increasingly popular manufacturer of discount audiophile and electronic gear. These headphones are a stylish accessory, and with their convenient folding design, they are the perfect travel companion. Made of resilient plastics, these super lightweight, wireless Bluetooth headphones are extremely convenient for today's mobile life on the go.

The 10585 is an on-ear headphone set, which means that technically it rests ON your ears as opposed an over-ear pair, which would theoretically encompass most if not all of the ear lobe. That said, unless you have really large ears (I myself have large ears), these oversized on-ear headphones may fit you almost like an over-ear pair of headphones; they are so spacious, comfortable, and noise isolating. For the record, typically an over-ear pair of headphones would cost more than a similar, smaller, on-ear  model. Considering that the 10585 earcup fits more like a circumaural earcup, they become an even greater bargain for the price. So while the manufacturer may call the 10585 "on-ears", I'd say that from experience and as someone with larger ears, that they are more like compact over-ears.


The Sound:

Here's where the 10585 headphones really shine and show their mettle. These cans boast some impressive acoustics backed by an ingenious speaker driver layout. The internal design of the 10585's earpieces consists of 2 woofers (50mm 32O) and 6 3D speakers (13mm 16O), which work in concert to ensure a rich, vibrant audio experience with incredible depth and range. Now keep in mind, most headphones of this style employ one speaker driver which delivers all of the sound, sometimes two when the headphones are designed to deliver extra bass, so for these cans to pack 8 speaker drivers into the earpieces is pretty impressive and it's where the 3D Surround Sound capabilities of these headphones stem from. Additionally, as mentioned above, the 10585 headphone covers your ears fully so their very efficient noise isolating ability is also worth emphasizing.



  • 25 hours of Bluetooth playback, the most of any on-ear Bluetooth headphone I've come across.

  • Full-function controls built in to the headphones for hands free playback control or calling.

  • Collapsible and weighing in at only 7.4 oz, the 10585s make for easy transportation, include a leather carry bag.

  • Well-balanced sound with plenty of bass response when the music drops.



  • Some people who offered online reviews of this headset complained of the huge Monoprice logo emblazoned across the headband, saying they found it embarrassing. However I'd suggest that as Monoprice continues it's trajectory of ascent, gaining respect from audio enthusiasts as it does so, any stigma associated with its reputation as a discount store will be forgotten. I think of them as the of the tech-specific sector.

  • The headphones will not play with a dead battery, even with the included 3.5 mm audio cable plugged in. Furthermore, you only get 16 hours of playback if the audio cable is what you opt to use.



This is an outstanding pair of headphones, and for the quality of comfort and acoustics it delivers, it is a steal of a deal. I would highly recommend these headphones as a great alternative to many of the higher priced but comparable performance, popular name brands. I give the Monoprice 10585 headphones a rare 4.5 out of 5 Star rating.

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