The House of Marley Introduces Rise Up Deluxe Headphones


Siva's reviews: The House of Marley Rise Up headphones

If you want to support a company with the most forward-thinking, sustainable, and Eco-friendly business practices in the audio equipment industry, then I have great news for you! Likewise, if investing in audio gear that’s well made, has a level of quality that comes from attention to little details, and reflects a passion for accurate sound reproduction, then look no further. Let me introduce you to The House of Marley's Rise Up headphones, available now in the Apple Store.

Siva's reviews: The House of Marley Rise Up headphones

The House of Marley has a large and ever-growing catalog of outstanding audio equipment. The Rise Up headphones aren't the company’s priciest, but I'd say are some of their best. They provide an audio experience rivaling many studio quality headphones and delight even the most discerning audiophiles.

Siva's reviews: The House of Marley Rise Up headphones

While the sound quality of these over-the-ear headphones will certainly impress you, please keep in mind there is much more to the gear than meets the eye. Believe it or not, the Rise Up and all of The House of Marley product line are almost entirely crafted from recycled and Eco-friendly materials.

The House of Marley uses its own exclusively patented fiber in the construction of its products, known as Rewind. The cloth is a clever synthesis of cotton, hemp, and recycled plastic water bottles, making for a rugged and durable fabric that will last you many, many years.

The Rise Up headphones do not contain wood or aluminum in their construction. But it is worth noting that The House of Marley accessories that do only use Forest Stewardship Council certified wood and recycled aluminum.

Additionally, The House of Marley's Rise Up headphones incorporate a spongy, recycled bamboo fiber material for the plush ear cushions. The product clearly demonstrates that we don't need to forgo high-quality gear to be earth friendly.

Siva's reviews: The House of Marley Rise Up headphones

The headphones are available in a variety of colors, from the flashy, signature Rasta flag colors of red, yellow and green, to the more muted, earthy tones of the custom blends of Blue Denim, Caramel, Camo, or Saddle. The company offers a version to suit anyone's style. Each headphone has a fabric-covered, tangle-free cable that conveniently attaches to only one side of the headset’s speakers. It also comes with a hands-free, in-line mic so you can control your music and calls as you normally would with Apple’s own stock earbuds.

The sound quality of these headphones really shine! Fitting comfortably over your entire ear, the first order of business for these headphones is to effectively block out external noise distractions with their snug, aviator-style, sound-sealing design. The Rise Up utilize precision crafted, high performance 50mm drivers to power the speakers. Honestly, if you listen to your favorite lossless format music through them, you’ll experience for yourself just how dynamic the sound quality really is. To say the Rise Ups impressed me would be an understatement!

These headphones can compete with some of the industry’s very best! Imagine the now infamous Beats by Dr. Dre, but with a conscious twist and a warm, tropical flavor and you begin to get the picture. The Rise Up’s crystal-clear sound delivery, with their rumbling bass, balanced midranges and piercing highs, makes them some of the best audio listening devices on the market right now. At $160.00, they definitely offer the best value and quality at this price point.

Siva's reviews: The House of Marley Rise Up headphones

Internationally acclaimed music superstar, the late Bob Marley

It's exciting to see what the family of the musically-talented offspring of the late Bob Marley have done with some recycled materials, an ear for musical perfection, and a lot of love poured into the little details. The House of Marley's Rise Up headphones get a hearty two thumbs up from me. They are available at both The House of Marley’s website as well as at Apple’s Store online.



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