Introducing the new HEX/The Hundreds Code Wallet iPhone case. Organization and protection in a simple and elegant design.

Siva's Reviews: HEX/The Hundreds: Code Wallet


The Hundreds has teamed up with HEX to produce a new series of classy yet practical iPhone cases called the HEX Code Wallet. This collaboration Code Wallet is a stylish leather iPhone case/wallet that will appeal to kids and adults alike. The newest iteration Code Wallet features embossed leather motifs featuring The Hundred's signature “Jags” pattern, and the understated yet electric, trademark "Adam Bomb" accent colors and patterns in low-key card pockets, and more prominently in the lining of the iPhone’s protective polycarbonate shell.

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Siva's Reviews: HEX/The Hundreds: Code Wallet


I could just as easily see an urban executive using this case as I could see a high school student. These cases provide a uncomplicated and elegant solution for anyone looking for a moderate level of protection in a case that also provides space for credit cards, an emergency key, cash and IDs.


Siva's Reviews: HEX/The Hundreds: Code Wallet


The Hundreds case features a rigid plastic shell that holds the iPhone securely within a leather folio, which is held closed with an elastic band. The folio’s cover provides protection for your iPhone’s screen and the hard plastic case protects your iPhone from accidental drops and bumps.


Siva's Reviews: HEX/The Hundreds: Code Wallet


The Hundreds HEX Code Wallet is a smooth synthesis of fashion and function, and its multitude of color options mean there’s something for every fashion taste. My only regret is that the HEX Code Wallet does not include a cutaway to allow us to use our iPhone’s rear-facing, higher resolution camera while the phone is in the case. Hopefully when they release their new cases for the new iPhone, they will take that into consideration.


Siva's Reviews: HEX/The Hundreds: Code Wallet


For a sophisticated, yet hip, urban-cool case check out the Hundreds HEX Code Wallet. And if you do, or if you already have one, please feel welcome to give us your feedback in the comment sections below.


The new HEX Code Wallet retails for $50.00 and is available HERE.


As always, thank you for reading!

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