Introducing Bloggn: A truly beautiful Tumblr client you'll love to use!


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Bloggn is such a good Tumblr client, it has already made me wish I was a more frequent Tumblr user, and with such a silky smooth Tumblr interface at my fingertips I have been enjoying my time on Tumblr more than ever. Lately, with the help of Bloggn, I can't help but notice myself making excuses to keep checking back with my Tumbler account, just for the ease and intuitiveness of this stellar app, working on this Bloggn app review being top of the list.


I may not be the biggest Tumblr user out there, but I sure do appreciate quality and high-functionality, which this app has in abundance. I also appreciate that Tumblr is one of the world’s biggest blogging platforms with over 20 billion monthly page views. That's a lot, a heck of a lot! And Bloggn is at your service to deliver a rich and robust experience of the Tumbler platform unlike any this writer has seen so far.


Siva's Reviews: Bloggn Tumblr client


When I think about what I look for in a good client-app for any popular social micro-blogging site, I come to the conclusion that it's a combination of factors and features that keep me coming back to a great product like Bloggn for Tumbler. There is of course the ease of use; Bloggn is set up in a uniquely intuitive way, and after your initial walk through tour upon first opening the app, the rest of the user experience seems to fall gently into place.


Siva's Reviews: Bloggn Tumblr client   Siva's Reviews: Bloggn Tumblr client   Siva's Reviews: Bloggn Tumblr client


What's more, Bloggn is a joy to use and a visually appealing app to work with. It's simple and yet comprehensive. Intuitive, yet it allows for a fair range of user input and control of features, feeds and postings. It's lightning fast performance-wise, suports Twitter and Facebook intergration and allows you to use multiple accounts within the app. The App Store description of Bloggn is succinct and apt; Bloggn truly is “a beautiful Tumblr client”, and one that I suspect you will find a joy to work with.


Siva's Reviews: Bloggn Tumblr client


One of my favorite useful features of Bloggn (and there are many) is the ability to filter your feed by categories, not unlike the way the Tumbler desktop software operates. It makes following your interests so easy and convenient! Along with that, you can access and manage your account settings, and with Bloggn it couldn't be easier to keep up with both these you follow as well as those who follow you. The only drawback to Bloggn in my opinion is that its not yet available for the iPad, but I’ve been in touch with Philipp Schlösser, Bloggn’s developer, and he assures us that that is one of his immediate short-term goals.


I was impressed with this app, and if you are a Tumblr user, I believe you will be too. For a unique and enjoyable Tumblr experience on the go, check out Bloggn in the App Store, where you can pick it up for a penny shy of $3.00.




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