Game Centered: Vainglory Delivers Huge Reveals at PAX East.

If you follow my Game Centered column, then you already know I'm a big fan of the iOS game Vainglory, "the MOBA perfected for touchscreen." It has the potential to become one of the most popular and internationally competitive, professional-level mobile eSports thus far. Between the massive player base already devoted to the MOBA genre, and the fact that Vainglory will soon be cross-platform across both iOS and Android devices, I can see nothing standing in the way of this game being the first mobile eSport to fill stadiums and attract spectators the way more established MOBA like League of Legends and DotA 2 already do.

The game that was an iOS exclusive and featured prominently in both the iPhone 6 unveiling and Apple's holiday "Gamers" commercial had some major announcements in their Twitch stream today. Broadcasting live from the PAX East gaming convention, former League of Legends pro Zekent and Community and Editorial manager, Playoffbeard, had some major announcements and huge reveals.

First of all, Vainglory (free) will be coming to Android in the near future. You read that right, if you use Android devices or have friends who do, this is great news. It also means that Vainglory (an already popular game) is going to explode on the international gaming scene, becoming perhaps one of the most popular and competitive mobile games around.

Game Centered: Vainglory Delivers Huge Reveals at PAX East.

Along with its expansion onto Android, the Vainglory crew also revealed impressive new in-game features. One of the most highly requested features on Vainglory community forums, the ability to acquire "skins" for your heroes, is one of the new elements coming to this game. Another new feature that will be making its way to the game; spectator mode, which will let in-game viewers see detailed stats  of competing heroes and also bounce around between different heroes' camera perspectives. These new additions will make an already amazing game all the more impressive, on par with the best of the best PC MOBA out there.

Along with today's big news, Vainglory also just recently released their latest update, which saw the arrival of a new warrior; Ardan's daughter, Celeste. This past update also brought in game icon "chat" to the Fold as well as a vastly improved "ping" system. Together, the icon chat and pings create an environment where players can have a semblance of in-game communication, which can be essential for coordination and securing the win.

Stay tuned to I'll be conducting an interview with Vainglory's resident pro-gamer, Zekent, right after PAX East concludes, and I'll be sharing our conversation exclusively here at iPhone Life. And be sure to check out Vainglory's Twitch feed on Saturday March 7 at 5 p.m., EST, for a live streamed, battle of champions between Zekent's TEAM PROD1GYX with Guinness-World-Record-holding gamer PROD1GYX as captain and TEAM Ms VIXEN with Ms Vixen leading the charge.

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