Game Centered: Special Holiday Edition, Exciting New Games and Awesome Updates.

Game Centered: Special Holiday Edition, Exciting New Games and Awesome Updates.

Game Centered features roundups and in-depth reviews of the best in iOS games and related gaming news. This week, in advance of Apple’s annual iTunes Connect closing dates (12/21-12/27) we've been treated to a whole slew of top-of-the-line new games and big updates that slipped into the App Store just in time for Christmas! We've got a lot of exciting gaming news to cover, so let's dive right in. And don't forget, the App Store allows us to gift apps and any of the following games would make excellent holiday presents.

Apple Announces Picks for Best Games of 2013

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s coveted Apple "Best of Games" awards. Apple just announced their picks for best games of 2013. I was happy to see that the winners for both iPad and iPhone best games also made our list of best games here at iPhone Life.

Best iPhone Game
Best iPad Game
Badland ($3.99)
Most Downloaded Free App
Most Downloaded Paid App

For the complete list of Apple’s prestigious "Best of 2013" award list, click HERE.


New Games:

The classic, controversial console blockbuster has finally made its way to iOS! This port is completely faithful to the original hit game. In fact with its intuitive controls mechanism and greater selection of options in game settings, I think this game plays even better on iPad. Keep in mind, this game has sacrificed none of its notoriety and thus, comes with the App Store’s 17+ age rating.
The second season of the chilling and thrilling choose-your-own-adventure video game The Walking Dead is finally available. In this new series of episodic games, set in the creepy and gory post-apocalyptic universe imagined by Robert Kirkman, we pick up the storyline where we left off with last season’s segue episode: 400 Days. Now, playing as the young Clementine, we must deal with the horrible events and subsequent choices that must be made. It’s a harrowing tale of a dangerous world that I wouldn't wish on an adult, much less a young girl. This game continues in its predecessor’s tradition of being both captivating and emotionally intense, and it's a game anyone (over the age of 17) can sink their teeth into, pun intended. You can purchase episodes individually or as a multi-pack (episodes 2-5) at a discount for $14.99.
Rebublique ($4.99)
An intense and thrilling stealth/action game set in a dystopian Orwellian society, Republique starts when you get a desperate call from the main character, a mysterious woman named Hope. In this eerily topical storyline of government surveillance in the age of internet connected technology you help guide Hope as she navigates her way through a web of danger and deception by hacking into the nation’s extensive and elaborate surveillance system. The visuals in this game are out of this world, with console-quality facial expression tech, and the voiceover acting is provided by an all-star cast of veteran actresses and actors. With complex puzzles, intricate strategy, and intuitive “One-Touch” controls, this episodic adventure is truly one of the best and most ambitious games that has been developed for iOS. Republique can be purchased as individual episodes as they get released, or you can buy the whole five-episode season for the discounted price of $14.99.
The Room Two ($4.99)
Winner of Apple’s 2012 Best Game of the Year, the original Room has met with massive success. Now the newest incarnation of this haunting puzzle solver has landed on iOS. With breathtaking visuals and gameplay that really makes good use of the iDevice's touchscreen interface, The Room Two is a worthy successor to the original and would make a great holiday gift for just about any game fan.
Previously reviewed here on iPhone Life, Assassin's Creed: Pirates takes the popular Assassin’s Creed saga to sea once more in this swashbuckling saga of high-seas adventure. In Pirates you take on the role of Captain Alonzo Batilla as he wages battle on the high seas of the Caribbean. You'll fight your way up the ranks in this seafaring RPG adventure, while building a powerful crew and outfitting your battleship, pillaging and plundering all the while. Whether you’re into RPGs, shooters, sailing, or historically accurate action games, Assassin’s Creed: Pirates is well worth the download.
Tomb Raider I ($0.99)
Game Centered: Special Holiday Edition, Exciting New Games and Awesome Updates.
The classic hit thats went on to be made into the blockbuster movie starring Angelina Jolie is now available on iOS courtesy of none other than acclaimed game development studio, Square Enix. In this faithful port of the original console game, players assume the role of Lara Croft as she battles it out through level after level of puzzles, obstacles, and challenges. If you enjoyed the original Tomb Raider you will LOVE this one, and even if you never had a chance to play the original, this game promises great retro gameplay and hours of enjoyable RPG action.


Updated Hits:

The hit racing game Real Racing 3 is known for its stunningly realistic graphics and authentic racing dynamics. Now, with this latest update, Real Racing 3 introduces what has been perhaps its most often requested feature: LIVE, real time multiplayer. Of course, Real Racing 3 already offered what is known as “time-shifted” multiplayer, where you race against your friend’s times, with the game’s AI representing their racing style as closely as it can. But nothing beats racing in real-time multiplayer against other folks racing at that very moment. Along with this new update comes awesome new flagship supercars by McLaren and Lamborghini. Zoom Zoom!
Infinity Blade III ($2.99 on sale)
A massive update has arrived for one of the most visually stunning games in the App Store, as well as a half-off holiday sale price. Infinity Blade III just received a ton of new gameplay content, including a special new saga tied into Keanu Reeves' Christmas day movie release 47 Ronin, and a new chapter called Ausar Rising that unveils the backstory behind Siris’ dark past when he was feared as Ausar the Vile. New locations have also been opened up and you will get to revisit the God King’s Dark Citadel, the ruined castle from the original Infinity Blade. New Clash Mob and "Deathless" modes are available, as well as a new in-game chat feature. It's the biggest and most significant update this game has seen and worth downloading pronto.
With this latest update, Star Wars: KOTOR goes universal, working on both iPads as well as iPhones and the iPod Touch. Its also on sale for the first time, at 50 percent off! One of the biggest changes to the actual game is support for the higher-resolution graphics and greater display resolution optimization that come with the newest crop of iDevices with their new and improved chip sets and performance capabilities. If you are one if the game’s legions of fans, this update is definitely going to enhance what is already stellar gameplay.
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