Game Centered Special Edition: Introducing GodFire: Rise of Prometheus.

Game Centered features roundups and in-depth reviews of the best in iOS games and related gaming news. Among the App Store’s myriad games, it’s all too easy to overlook some of the greats. Each installment of Game Centered will take a close look at a select few worthy of special recognition. Typically Game Centered features several different games, but this week we've got a summer blockbuster on our hands, so this edition is devoted entirely to the highly anticipated GodFire: Rise of Prometheus.


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At long last, after over a year of waiting, the groundbreaking new dungeon-crawler hybrid GodFire: Rise of Prometheus ($6.99) has debuted exclusively on iOS. Think Diablo meets Infinity Blade meets Prince of Persia.

I am really impressed with this game. Its graphics are what one might expect from a console game, and its controls are extremely well optimized for the iOS touchscreen with its industry leading responsiveness.

Taking the labyrinth layout and dramatically swinging camera perspectives from Prince of Persia, the brawling, life-metered, dungeon-crawling action of a game like Diablo or Dungeon Hunter, combined with advanced 3D rendering that's on par with some of the App Store's most stellar titles like Infintiy Blade or Modern Combat, GodFire blazes its own unique and exciting trail in this reimagining of a classic video game genre.

Game Centered Special Edition: Introducing GodFire: Rise of Prometheus.

This game is a must have for any fans of the top-down, dungeon-crawler, action RPG, even though it's not like any other game of that genre in the App Store. This is the closest thing to a port of the acclaimed God of War console title that I've ever seen on iOS. Specifically, GodFire is a third-person, fixed-perspective game that features single player, combo-based combat. You also gain magical power enhancements and aArmory upgrades as you progress. It's not an easy game and the grind feels great. It's so nice not to be bombarded with requests to make in-app purchases, though of course, like most games, the option to advance faster using real world dinero still exists, just not in any annoying or obnoxious fashion.

GodFire's epic story line has strong elements of Greek mythos, intertwined with futuristic elements that reminded me of the clever way in which Infinity Blade took the hack'n'slash genre and turned it on its head with cutting edge graphics and a post-modernistic dystopian society. Your character, Prometheus, is attempting to retrieve humanity's hope, the spark of GodFire, however his task won't be an easy one, fraught as it is with monsters and beasts out to bring about the hero's untimely end. It's a bloody tale, though not to the extreme like some of the explicitly bloody console titles available. Somewhere between Infinity Blade III's and Modern Combat 4's levels of graphic violence. That said, there are some extreme, gratuitous, and graphic finishing moves that you'll use to finish your opponents off if you are victorious.

Game Centered Special Edition: Introducing GodFire: Rise of Prometheus.

It's so nice when a game comes along that not only makes you stop and take notice, but that you can hardly put down! I've played many interesting and unique games that are hybrids of a few genres. I love these kinds of games, as they tend to push the envelope and subsequently inspire other developers to push themselves more. Down the line, the ripple effect of the creativity and talent the developers at Vivid Games display in GodFire, results in better iOS games in general, as it raises the bar in terms of what people (developers included) think is possible.

Game Centered Special Edition: Introducing GodFire: Rise of Prometheus.

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