Final Chapter of Infinity Blade Series Previewed at Apple's Event. Set to Launch Alongside New iPhones.

If you're curious about the capabilities of the A7 64-bit mobile chip in the new iPhone 5S, wonder no more. The folks from ChAIR were good enough to be there once again to help Apple show off the incredible gaming capabilities of the new iPhone 5S.

Featuring an advanced chip set designed by Apple that further blurs the line between console and mobile gaming, the iPhone 5S is set to once again redefine our understanding of what mobile gaming can be. Infinty Blade III presents an amazing example of what phenomenal gaming devices this new crop of 64-bit iDevices will bring.

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Infinity Blade III debuts alongside new iPhone 5S

Coinciding with the release of the new iPhone and iOS 7, Infinity Blade III will be available in the App Store on September 18. That's only eight days for you to download and read the newly released eBook, Infinity Blade: Redemption, which segues between Infinity Blades II and III. Don't worry, it’s pretty short. Speaking of that eBook (Spoiler Alert: don't read on if you don't want clues as to what happens in the book.)

Infinity Blade III debuts alongside new iPhone 5S

As you can see from the video embedded below, the final chapter in the Infinity Blade sage is an absolutely stunning demonstration of the gaming and graphic capabilities of this new, desktop-grade computer chip. This game looks impressive and I can't wait to download this one. Could this be the game of the year in 2013? I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

If you can't see the embedded video, please click HERE.

From what I've gathered, this game will see a very different format of play. While still a hack and slash, this game has almost 45 minutes of cutscenes and an elaborate storyline that brings together the medieval, post-apocalyptic, and high tech worlds that comprise the Infinity Blade universe at once.

This time around though, you play not just as Siris, but also as his mysterious companion Isa as you play out the last of this great and epic action-drama. Instead of following a path through one major playable location, this game features a home base, known as The Hideout. From there you can select where your adventure will take place using a world map featuring several fortresses.

Infinity Blade III debuts alongside new iPhone 5S

This game seems much more story driven than any other iteration before it, and for those of us who love the tale of reluctant heroism and valor in the face of daunting odds, this will be a welcome addition and conclusion to what is perhaps one of the best (and highest-grossing) mobile game series to date.

This game will sell for $6.99 when it hits the App Store in about a week and will be compatible with all iDevices from the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 onward.


Images: IGN

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