Evolution: The iOS Revolution.


Evolution. The iOS Revolution.



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In this "post-PC" day and age we are witnessing the revolution of our entire world and society as a result of a single notecard size computer, namely the iPhone. As Tim Cook stated at the unveiling of the new iPad: "Apple is at the forefront of this revolution! Apple has its feet firmly planted in the post-PC future. We have three post-PC devices: the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad - the revolutionary device that defined a whole new category and is outstripping the wildest of predictions. We are talking about a world where the PC is no longer the center, but just another device, where your new devices need to be more portable, more personal."


Rarely has an evolutionary step (be it biological or technological) come along that has so transformed the way we relate with the world around us. Short of an asteroid hitting the planet or extra-terrestrials making themselves known, the iPhone and all it portends, is arguably one of the biggest and most significant events and inventions we may see this century! Like the light bulb and the telephone, the TV, the automobile and the airplane, the iPhone has fundamentally changed and is continuing to change the way we move through our lives and interact with our world.


Of course, over the past 20 years we have experienced major leaps in technology and communication. The iPhone (and extended iDevice product line including the iPod Touch and the iPad), with their simple and intuitive yet powerful and highly functional interfaces have in a sense, brought all of our fragmented technological advancements together and compressed them into a tiny device. A device capable of taking the fullest advantage of our ability to communicate and transmit data wirelessly and instantly, as well as allowing us the abilty to access phenomenal apps that make our interaction with these little devices so personal and intimate that many of us simply wouldn't want to have to do without them. The iPhone is so much more than just a phone, or even than just a computer! The iPhone is our gaming center, our photo studio, our social network hub, our music studio, our movie studio, our publishing tool and our navigation center, to name but a few primary features, all at a size that is completely portable.


Nowadays, as famously quoted, if you are interested in something, (anything practically) chances are, "there's an app for that". In just a few short years of being in our pockets, the iPhone has done its best to all but replace our old, soon-to-seem-prehistoric laptops and desktops!


I always enjoy looking at what Apple is securing patents for. If you think you've seen amazing, just wait. Looking at what is potentially down the Apple pipeline reveals that while we have already seen revolutionary technology, relatively speaking, we haven't seen anything yet! Some of the new product possibilities I am most looking forward to include; the larger iPhone, the smaller iPad, and a larger, desktop version of the "iPad", which would be designed to replace our old desktops with haptic, touch, gyroscopic as well as 3-D technologies.


The larger iPhone to me, seems like a given, whether its sooner or later. The demand for a larger screen is high (just look at the Samsung Galaxy Nexus' respectable sales figures) especially if, like me, you use your iPhone intensively for reading books, gaming, composing music and blogs and editing video and photos. On that same note, a smaller iPad seems like a given, as many people who use the iPad at its current size only do so because it's the only size iPad available, not because they wouldn't prefer a tablet the size of Amazon's Kindle Fire.


The New iPhone concept design. https://secure.flickr.com/photos/guilhermescha/


As for a larger iPad; something with increased and enhanced capabilities that would rival our desktop models, the patents are being secured. Imagine iPhone meets iPad meets the rumored iTV. This concept too is also just a matter of time. As Tim Cook said, we truly are living in a "post-pc" world. Apple will continue to build the tension, suspense and desire like any masters of the craft of clever marketing would, but rest assured, we are just seeing the beginning, the veritable tip or the "post-pc" iceberg, being heralded in with the humble iPhone.  And as for whether or not Apple can continue their meteoric success and dominance within the industry, well only time will tell if they can preserve Steve Jobs' legendary spark of genius and maniacal attention to the simplest details that only a little Buddhist meditation, a lot of perfectionism, and a dash of LSD can provide.


As revolutionary as what we've seen so far might seen, wait 5 years. I can virtually guarantee you that the products currently in prototype form that are being tested behind lock and key over in Cupertino will make sci-fi movies of today a reality tomorrow. If we can manage to not use our amazing technology to destroy our environment or kill ourselves, the future looks very bright indeed!


Personally, due to intenese useage of my iPhone for most anything and everything possible, I would eventually prefer a larger hybridized iPhone format (maybe about the size of the HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy Nexus with their 4.7 inch screens) that could do everything and more that an iPad can do now. What about you? Let us know any thoughts you might have about what your ideal iDevice manifestation might have included or look like below in the comment section.


As always, thanks for reading!


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