EC-BC's Hercules: A hardy backpack that lives up to its name!

Everyone knows that the name Hercules is associated with great strength and integrity. Now, with their new backpack of the same name, EC-BC has done a most excellent job of creating a high-quailty backpack that embodies those same qualities of strength and integrity.


Siva's Reviews: EC-BC's Hercules backpack

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The Hercules is a stylish bag that looks nothing like a military issue pack, nor even a particularly rugged bag. But don't let its fashionably attractive appearance decieve you! The Hercules is every bit as tough and durable as many "military standard" backpacks! In fact, with its superior craftsmanship and intense attention to detail, the Hercules is actually more rugged than many military issue bags that I have evaluated over the years! Now that's saying something...

The Hercules is all about making a statement! It has bold, reinforced seams and sturdy, heavy-duty, water resistant zippers. In fact, the entire outer shell of this marvel of a bag is water repellant! Wich is a huge plus in my book, especially for anything that is tasked with carrying around my precious laptop and iDevices!


With a secure and padded compartment that will hold up to a 17-inch laptop, and can obviously, easily acomodate your iPad, iPad mini and your iPhone with ease, and with room to spare. The Hercules has several internal "hide-away" pockets, as well as a convenient storage front pouch that has lots of mini compartments to help keep all you miscellaneous items, knick knacks and iDevice cables safe and ordered.


Siva's Reviews: EC-BC's Hercules backpack


The ergonomic design of the Hercules is not to be understated. With shoulder straps that have clearly been designed to withstand sustained heavy loads, and a thickly padded back panel that will not only assist you with good posture and provide comfort as you tote your gear around, it will also help keep you cool in the warmer months by providing a natural and intergrated sytem of ventillation.


Siva's Reviews: EC-BC's Hercules backpack


The Hercules has plenty os space for all your day to day luggage needs, and if you do any air travel with it, it s good to know that it's TSA compliant and a breeze to bring with your through airport security checkpoints.


Siva's Reviews: EC-BC's Hercules backpack     Siva's Reviews: EC-BC's Hercules backpack


If you know me, you know I am a fan of gear that is built well. When it comes to backpacks, that means a pack that offers durability, load-endurance and longevity. In the case of the Hercules from EC-BC, we get to have our cake and eat it too, as this pack has both a simple, understated elegance as well as a rugged flair to it at the same time. This bag will definitely give you for many years of good use and companionship!


The Hercules is available HERE for $140.00, in black, blue, green, red and white color options. Read on below to get extra details from EC-BC on this top-quality backpack...




From the website:


The Hercules Laptop Backpack is crafted from the most durable Outdoor Industry Tested 1000d Kodra material with water repellent coating. Integral to the flexible design is the TSA-compliant compartment, which allows you to just unzip the back panel of the backpack, lay it down flat and run it through the scanner. Your computer stays protected in its own padded compartment and there is no need to load and unload the laptop in and out of the plastic bins.

It also features an ergonomically designed shoulder strap system with adjustment points and sternum strap, a breathable back padding design, and zip-away powermesh side pockets for water bottles. This pack also boasts two large zippered mesh pockets inside to store you external hard drive, cables, or other pertinent items. The Hercules Backpack is sleek in design, provides maximum comfort and is built to last.





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