Renderings Emerge of New 5-inch iPhone. Does the Math Add Up?

Well, everyone certtainly seems excited about the possibility of a new, larger iPhone. Recently Forbes, The Washington Post and MacRumors have all run stories detailing the rumors swirling around the new iPhone. I also really appreciated the thorough way Rene Ritchie over at iMore breaks things down with regard to the numbers and science of a nearly 5-inch iPhone screen. 

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I know I for one, am looking forward to the eventuality of a larger iPhone -or a smaller iPad mini. The iPad mini is a bit bigger than what I'm looking for, to use wherever I go, and the iPhone 5 is a bit smaller than what I'd like for full-time use. I work with my iDevices a great deal, and if there were an option of having something that were a hybrid of the iPhone 5's portability and the iPad mini's greater screen size and OS, well that would be sweet indeed, consider me first in line. As the discussion of the rumored, larger iPhone (code name "Math"?) evolves from speculation to "information from a reliable source", images of this potential new iPhone have also started to emerge. Thanks to iMore and the Russian Apple News site,, for all of these great renderings.

Check out this cool video featuring mock-ups of the new iPhone with its almost 5-inch diagonal screen size!




A rendering of the larger iPhone based on the iPad mini's format.


Even if the new, larger iPhone doesn't make it to market this year, it's still enjoyable to see the renderings of talented designers who imagine, sometimes with eerie accuracy, what the next generation of iDevices will look like.


The iPhone family: the  iPhones 3, 4, 5 and the rumored Math.



I'm watching this story closely, as I think a lot of Apple's investors are too. In light of recent reports of Apple cutting back component orders, we must imagine that quite likely they have something amazing up their sleeves, and obviously Apple has been interested in ramping up their product-release cycle lately, it will be interesting to see what Apple wows us with this year. Some would say that Apple is preparing to release as many as three new iPhones this year. That would be remarkable and at this point I'd say take every rumor with a grain of salt. However I think it's also safe to say, we haven't seen anything yet. The future of iOS devices looks bright indeed.





If you couldn't see the video above, click HERE!


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