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CES 2014: Game On! Introducing the Stratus iOS Game Controller

 Game On! Introducing the Stratus iOS Game Controller
If you follow iPhone Life magazine and iPhoneLife.com you might already know this about me, but if not, I'm an avid iOS game playerSo when I found out about Apple’s MFi support for third-party developers to build dedicated and certified iOS game controllers you could say I was stoked, and that would be an understatement. However, the first entries into the field of iOS MFi game controllers actually left me a little underwhelmed. The potential was there, but until now no controller has really embodied the complete package of what a good iOS game controller should be like. Until now...
The best iOS game controller is going to give gamers the closest approximation to a console quality game experience. That means, for one thing, that the controller can't be tied to one iPhone, like a case. First of all, that's really limiting for those of us who play on our iPads and second of all, there are some amazing games that would play exceptionally well with an external controller that are iPad-only games. The other element that a game controller will need to have is full controller functionality. The closer it can compare with the likes of Sony’s PS4 or Valve’s Steam controller (both cutting-edge console controllers) the greater the success.

Enter the Stratus by SteelSeries

 Game On! Introducing the Stratus iOS Game Controller

I got to spend some time playing with the new Stratus controller at CES, and it's the first of the new MFi controllers that I'd call "killer!

The Stratus is everything a good gamer’s tool should be. It's made well, fits in one’s hand ergonomically and comfortably, and it sports Bluetooth connectivity; so the choice is really up to you whether you want to play on your iPhone, iPad, or connected TV. It's also a perfect size to be highly portable and comes with a protective cover for when not in use.

It's also going to be priced competitively at $99.00 when it goes on sale later this year. Stay tuned to iPhone Life for further review of this awesome new entry into the MFi game controller market.

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