The Best Rugged iPhone 6 Plus Case for Under $20.

I only ended up with the Unicorn Beetle PRO ($19.99) by happenstance. I needed a rugged case for my iPhone 6 Plus as soon as possible, since I didn't want to use it without a case, but while most case makers had plenty of cases for the iPhone 6 ready to ship at launch, few were ready with cases for the 6 Plus, and even fewer had cases ready for the 6 Plus that were rugged options. With good reason I felt I needed a heavy duty case for this large and heavy iPhone 6 Plus, so I took to Amazon and before long these rugged cases from a manufacturer I hadn't heard of began coming up in the search results, and their rugged cases seemed, at first glance at least, to be almost on par with Griffin's Survivor All-Terrain ($59.99) or Otterbox's Defender ($69.90), two industry-leading, rugged case brands. So I took a chance and placed my order, figuring it was only $20 in the event that I hated it. I can now say that not only was I immediately impressed by the overall design and build of this sturdy case, I've been using it for almost two weeks now, and I've already drop-tested this case with hard falls from approximately three-feet high. It's safe to say that the way this case performs and feels in the hand is definitely reminiscent of the Otterbox Defender or the Survivor All-Terrain.

This case comes with a separate clip-on holster and features a rugged, reinforced two-piece design made from a combination of hard plastic and grippy rubber. The volume and power buttons are completely sealed and sturdy flaps cover the mute button, charging port, and headphone jack. The speaker is exposed through a recessed cutout which keeps indirect splashes away from it. The front has a highly responsive built-in screen protector and openings for the light sensor, phone speaker, and FaceTime camera, while the back has one opening for the iSight camera.

The Best Rugged iPhone 6 Plus Case for Under $20.     The Best Rugged iPhone 6 Plus Case for Under $20.

There is nothing flimsy about this case, and yet there is nothing bulky about this sleek and form fitting case either. I would say it compares favorably with some of the best MIL-STD-810 cases out there. It's not waterproof, but I'd go so far as to say it is splash-proof. Its drop protection should keep your iPhone 6 Plus safe from repeated drops of about three feet, or from at least one drop of six feet, depending on how it lands, of course. Even with touchscreen protectors over your iPhone's touchscreen, it's important to keep in mind that a hard landing, face first, especially on an uneven surface, can spell disaster for the iPhone's glass panel. It doesn't have to fall from very high for the glass screen to crack, and if the iPhone touchscreen lands on a point, the glass may shatter regardless of the case brand.

The Best Rugged iPhone 6 Plus Case for Under $20.


• If you like Otterbox's and Griffin's rugged and heavy-duty case options, you'll love the Unicorn Beetle by Supcase.

• Unbeatable price for the level of protection.


•It would have been nice if the included holster clip could double as a viewing stand.

• Due to the physics of having to conform to the rounded edges of the iPhone 6 Plus, the plastic touchscreen protector bulged outward ever so slightly toward the center of the screen. It wasn't so bad that I couldn't work with it though, and if it really bothered someone, they could easily remove the clear plastic and even replace it with a stick-on protector, if having a screen protector was that important.


This quality and integrity of this inexpensive rugged case is surprising and refreshing. For the level of protection the Unicorn Beetle provides, I believe most consumers would expect to spend at least two to three times as much.


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4.5 out of 5 Stars

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