Back to School: Gear Up with Pelican's Rugged S105 Backpack. [Review]

Back to School: Gear Up with Pelican's Rugged S105 Backpack. [Review]

With school about to be back in session, I've been keeping my eye open for great last-minute gear for the returning student. If you (or someone you know) are the type of student who tends to be rough on things, or a student who just needs something durable and reliable that can stand up to the general abuse and heavy lifting that the school year can bring, then the Pelican S105 might be just what you're looking for.

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This lightweight but extremely durable pack comes to us from the makers of some of the toughest protective gear on the planet. The Pelican S105 ($88.17) is part of Pelican's rugged and durable ProGear line of products, and combines practicality and functionality in a stylish pack designed for years of active use.

Back to School: Gear Up with Pelican's Rugged S105 Backpack. [Review]


There are several outstanding features in this mid-sized pack which set it apart from a crowded field of well-built backpacks.

  • Ease of use: The Pelican S105 has plenty of pockets and internal storage capacity. All of the pockets allow easy access to your gear, and the entire layout of the bag is very ergonomically designed.
  • Security: With this backpack you can safely rest assured that your school supplies are secure and well protected. In addition to a padded laptop compartment, the Pelican also has a dedicated tablet sleeve that is shielded by a tough, rigid polypropylene shell that will protect your iPad from serious impact and blunt forces. All of the stitching and seams of this pack are solidly reinforced and it's safe to say that this bag can reliably carry a good deal of weight on a regular basis, as the school year often requires.
  • Style: The Pelican S105 has a sophisticated style that works well for a wide range of students and ages. I've spotted this pack in the wild on kids in junior high, and also on young men and women on the local college campus. It’s a handsome bag that fits the outdoorsy or athletic type extremely well, but is also equally at home in an office or boardroom environment.

Back to School: Gear Up with Pelican's Rugged S105 Backpack. [Review]


  • Rigid frame surrounding the perimeter of the backpack's laptop compartment, keeping it safe from crushes or drops.
  • Armored tablet pocket.
  • Dense, ergonomic, and breathable foam padding where it rests against your back, to help absorb the pressure and stress of heavy loads.
  • Lots of storage space, with 19.5L of internal volume, and lightweight, at only 3.68 lbs.
  • Tough tear-resistant and water-resistant nylon material.



  • I would have liked to see a water bottle holder/pocket built in to the exterior of this backpack.
  • It would be nice if the S105 had a few more clip-on points for carabiners. This seems like the type of pack that would attract the carabiner-toting crowd after all.



The Pelican ProGear S105 is an exceptionally well-built backpack that is designed to provide years of dedicated service and considering you can purchase it for under $90.00 (or less), it's well worth the price. The S105 backpack is designed to go on many adventures with you, while keeping your gear dry and safe on your travels.

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