iPad mini pre-orders begin today, white models sell out in minutes!

Siva's update: iPad mini


The iPad mini went on sale early this morning in the Apple store online, and within 30 minutes the white model had sold out. As of this writing, the black model is still available to pre-order, but I would't be surprised if that changes before long. So, if you want to be first in the virtual line to get your new iPad mini, best hurry and make your way over to the Apple store.

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Siva's update: iPad mini


The iPad mini has been predicted to provide some serious competition for the likes of Google, Amazon and Samsung, despite what many analysts are insinuating is an unreasonably high price point for the newset iDevice to join the Apple ranks. With a starting price of $329.00 the iPad mini is unarguably the most expensive tablet in the small tablet market, but mark my words, I expect the new iPad mini to be at the top of many people's holiday wish list and I don't think the steep price will slow it's sales down one bit this holiday season or in the first quarter of 2013.


Siva's update: iPad mini


Despite the fact that the ultra-small, ultra-portable iPad mini doesn't have the highest resolution screen of the other competitors in the small tablet category, don't think that this will hinder it from flying off the shelves or limit it's popularity, as evidenced by the fact that it sold out of pre-order units faster than any other iDevice ever has. Perhaps that had something to do with limited supplies being available at launch due to production issues, perhaps not, but either way, I expect to see the iPad mini break sales records and become a global favorite in the tablet market in a very short while. Yes, it would've been nice to get an iPad mini option with Retina display, but I reckon we'll have to wait till next year for that upgrade, and I guarantee, that omission won't stop the masses from purchasing it.


In every way, other than the aforementioned screen resolution, the iPad mini bests every other tablet (large or small) on the market. With it's enhanced Wi-Fi and Cellular speeds, and it's ingenious maximization of tablet size to usable touchscreen ratio, the iPad mini is not only the one to watch; in my humble opinion, it's the one to have!


Siva's update: iPad mini


I ordered mine this morning, but alas, I won't get it until close to Thanksgiving (November 20th according to my Apple reciept) since I went with the Cellular and Wi-Fi model which doesn't ship til mid-November. If you think you might want to pre-order your iPad mini, there is still time, but act fast, or face the queues at the outlets on November 2nd when the iPad mini launches in stores, where it is also expected to fly off the shelves.

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