The Apple TV Is Now Just $69, But Is It Worth It?

How would you feel if you had just gone out and bought a fancy new Apple product only to have it updated with a newer, better version within only a few month's time? We've kind of grown used to Apple product cycles where products aren't outdated for at least a year. If you think there's a chance that you'd feel at all slighted by spending hard-earned money on a device that's about to become outdated, you may want to consider holding off on purchasing the Apple TV.

The latest rumors suggest that Apple will indeed introduce a new, much improved model of the Apple TV (which hasn't seen an update since 2012, believe it or not) around the middle of this year, possibly becoming available for purchase by July. Rumors point to the new model being a significant upgrade over the current one and it's a safe bet that some of its fancy new features (such as Siri, improved gaming integration, and more quite likely) may not be available on the current Apple TV model. Usually, as has been the case with Apple's iPhone and iPad, we see Apple introducing a new model and then simultaneously lowering the price of the current generation model. That way folks who want a deal have something that they can afford and folks looking for the latest and greatest technological achievements from Cupertino have something to sink their teeth into.

The Apple TV is Now Just $69.00, But is It Worth It?

Granted, reducing the price of the Apple TV is a great marketing strategy. It gave Apple something else to talk about at the hotly debated Apple Watch event other than just their new wearable iPhone accessory, and it's also a way to liquidate stock of an old and long-in-the-tooth device. It also generated a hot buzz for HBO's Apple-exclusive (for a short while at least) HBO NOW standalone streaming service. Obviously, due to timing, if you wanted to hold out on buying the new Apple TV you'd miss the opportunity to sign up for HBO NOW before the new season of HBO's hit series Game of Thrones begins in mid-April.

If you are someone who is about to run out and pay $69 for the current generation Apple TV for the sake of getting Game of Thrones, without having to put yourself at the mercy of the cable companies, at least you can do so with eyes open, knowing that the device you just purchased will be considered even more ancient by year's end.

Those people that already have the Apple TV would seem to be in the best position, as they'll be able to take advantage of HBO's standalone service (along with any new channels Apple adds in the near future, and then when the time comes, they can sell or trade in their current model for the shiny new Apple TV, all without skipping a beat or buying a three-year-old "new" Apple device that's about to become a relic when the long-overdue refreshed Apple TV hits the market, possibly in as little as a few short months.

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