Introducing Apple Music/Beats1: One Place, One Complete Thought Around Music.

Introducing Apple Music/Beats1: One Place, One Complete Thought Around Music.

For the first time Jimmy Iovine publicly took the stage at an Apple event as an Apple exec. And with the music industry veteran's stamp of approval, Apple proceeded to unveil Apple Music and Beats1. Apple strongly emphasized three main points of the new music platforms at the WWDC keynote: A revolutionary music service, 24/7 global radio, and the ability to connect fans with artists. The theme of the day quickly emerged; "one place, one complete thought around music", and it was a star-studded affair, with special guest appearances by Nine Inch Nails front man and Apple employee Trent Reznor and the immensely popular Hip-Hop star Drake, and despite the fact that I think we would've all preferred to see Dre up there on stage along with Iovine, I'd imagine Drake is nonetheless, a huge promotional asset.


The Revolutionary Music

"Can we build a bigger and better ecosystem, with the elegance and simplicity that only Apple can do?" asked Jimmy Iovine. Apparently the answer was yes. Apple Music is Apple's latest iteration of their already revolutionary iTunes software. The revolution continues with a smarter, far more integrated music app; one that is infused with Apple's new Proactive smart-features and seamlessly connects the iTunes store with a user's own personal library and playlist.


"Technology and Art can work together, at least at Apple."
-Jimmy Iovine, WWDC 2015


It's an incredibly smart program, one that only gets smarter and more in tune with an individual's preferences with use. The new music app isn't just about music anymore, with video integration as well as deep social network inclusion. As Iovine said, Beats 1 is, "curated by top musicians. Algorithms alone can’t do that alone; they need a human touch."



24/7 Global Radio Station

Introducing Apple Music/Beats1: One Place, One Complete Thought Around Music.

Set to broadcast out of New York, LA and London, Apple's latest ambition is, according to Apple's Trent Reznor, "the first ever worldwide radio station, not based on genre, not based on drum beats. A station that has only one master, music itself." With celebrity DJs and genre-defying playlists created in the present moment, live, Apple's new radio station could redefine the way we listen to Internet music as well as what we come to expect from a streaming service. As professional DJ, Zane Lowe said in a WWDC video presentation, Beats 1 is "a music lover’s dream. If you love great music without restrictions you’ll love Beats 1."



Introducing Apple Music/Beats1: One Place, One Complete Thought Around Music.

Connect is where artists can share with fans like never before. It connects fans with artists, allowing fans to see a more intimate side of the artist. It is a medium where artists can share music projects, photos, and lyrics with fans. In essence, Connect is Apple's attempt at revamping and greatly enhancing their failed music-oriented, Ping social network. In an age where much of the same types of content can be found for free on the likes of YouTube, Facebook etc, it will be interesting to see how well Connect fares.



Apple Music/Beats 1 is launching in over 100 countries later this month. It will be priced at $9.99 a month, though as an introductory promotion, Apple is offering your first three months for free. Apple will also offer a $14.99 family plan that can include up to six people.

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