Apple and House of Marley "Double the Love" for children's charity.


Apple and House of Marley have joined forces for a limited time to promote the children's charity Little Kids Rock.

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House of Marley, the lifestyle accessory company formed by Bob Marley's offspring, Rohan Marley, brings to market an original, earth-friendly and conscientous brand of quality gear. House of Marley is already recognized for it's charitable works and environmentally responsible business model, annually giving 5% of their profits to the 1Love Foundation, which was formed by Bob Marley's wife Rita. Now, and for the rest of October, Apple is proudly featuring House of Marley audio products and carry bags in the Apple store. Together, they are "doubling the love" and doubling the ammount donated to charity. Through the month of October, 10% of House of Marley's profits from Apple store sales will be donated to the charity Little Kid's Rock, which serves to bring musical intruments and music education to under-served schools and students.

Apple and House of Marley


Available now, exclusively in the Apple store online, you can get House of Marley's stellar line of audio products and stylish messenger bags and backpacks and know that your dollars will help the Little Kids Rock charity, and continue the tradition of "One Love" that was so important and integral to the late music legend.


Apple and House of Marley


Apple and House of Marley are offering headphones, earphones, leather backpacks and messenger bags as well as natural fiber backpacks and messenger bags. Everything House of Marley makes is crafted from as much recycled material as possible, including recycled aluminum in the headphones and earphones, recycled fibers in their bags and fair trade, recycled wood accents in their boombox, headphones and earphones.


House of Marley makes a truly excellent product well-suited for today's progressive modern lifestyle. Check them out at the Apple store online.

Apple and House of Marley


Apple and House of Marley


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