Adventure-Proof Music Listening with the NUU Splash Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Adventure-Proof series examines and reviews the best in rugged iOS gear, apps, and accessories to help iDevice users enjoy the outdoors with their mobile tech safely in tow. This installment takes a closer look at the Splash by NUU, the latest entry in the fast-growing field of extreme-duty Bluetooth personal speakers.

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I first experienced the NUU Splash ($99.00) earlier this year at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Splash instantly appealed to my sense of design and certainly ranks among the best ruggedly-crafted Bluetooth speakers.

With its fusion of style, quality, and durability the Splash will definitely appeal to Apple’s rugged-couture demographic. Without sacrificing an ounce of elegance, the new Bluetooth speaker brings together a beautiful design with a deceptively sturdy form factor.

The first time I laid eyes on the Splash, it was showing off its waterproof qualities, laying half-submerged in a fancy water fountain at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I was instantly impressed: after all, how many speakers can survive a soak in the pool? Granted, the manufacturers do not recommend full submersion. But hey, if it's able to survive water pouring down over it for hours on end, it will most likely withstand a brief dunking. Sure enough, when I personally tested out the NUU Splash, it passed each challenge with flying colors. From surviving a 6-foot fall to being briefly submerged in shallow water, this amazing speaker is made to withstand its fair share of hardships. Looking at this classy speaker, you would never imagine NUU built it to meet demanding military specs for heavy-duty durability.

Don't be afraid to use this speaker by the pool or at the beach!

If that weren't enough, the Splash pumps out some very impressive sound quality! With its two peak drivers and passive bass radiator the Splash delivers a pristine, high-quality audio experience. As I write this I happen to be listening to some loud, bass-heavy tunes courtesy of Snoop Lion and I have to say, “Wow”, the NUU truly offers one of the best audio experiences I've had with any personal-sized, rugged Bluetooth speaker. Truly, this diminutive little speaker will fool you into believing you are listening to a much larger and more substantial loudspeaker. Typically in my testing of audio gear I will examine audio performance with a variety of music including hip hop, classical and good ol’ rock’n’roll and I can honestly attest to the fact that the Splash passes all of my sound quality tests with high marks. With its rich bass, expansive mid-tones and crisp treble response, I would imagine that any music lover would be more than happy with the output of this mini powerhouse of a personal Bluetooth speaker.

Sweet features of the NUU Splash:

*IP55 water-resistance rating;

*Compact size offers ultimate portability;

*Durable and sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum shell;

*Convenient control layout on the top of the speaker;

*Up to 7-10 hours playback time, depending on volume level;

*Built-in mic for hands-free speakerphone conversations;

*Stylish design doesn't sacrifice rugged construction;

*Available in five attractive colors;

*Includes a handy neoprene, water-resistant carrying bag.

Although a newcomer to the Bluetooth speaker market, the Splash has already made a strong impression and promises to bring some significant competition to established producers such as Braven and Grace Digital. If you are looking for a great speaker to accompany you on your waterside adventures, the aptly named Splash is worthy of careful consideration.

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