The Adventure-Proof Series: Meet the ECOROX Waterproof, Bluetooth Mini-Boombox.

I’ve checked out just about every rugged-protection, Bluetooth speaker in the market, and I have to say, Grace Digital’s ECOROX ($129.99) gets my vote for Best Overall Rugged Bluetooth Speaker so far this year. The ECOROX is an excellent example of meticulous attention to practical detail and functionality. It has all the features anyone might want in a highly portable, heavy-duty Bluetooth speaker, including delivering awesome sound and providing some of the most durable and comprehensive adventure-ready reliability in a Bluetooth speaker. Read on for the details...

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Wherever your path may take you, the ECOROX, with its IPX7 rating, will keep your audio flowing no matter what conditions you may encounter. Whether at the pool, in the kitchen or bathroom, on a hike, at the seaside, or on a bike ride, if you can imagine doing something even remotely adventurous, chances are very good that you can do it with the ECOROX.

Siva's Reviews: Grace Digital's ECOROX Bluetooth Speaker

I'm actually writing this article as I sit by the creek. In fact, I'm technically in the creek, catching some early morning Northern Arizona sun as I work. The ECOROX is on a smaller rock next to me, about eight feet away, playing music from my iPad (George Winston's version of  the Pachelbel Canon is what's on at the moment) and drying off. 

“Drying off?” you may say. Indeed! For not only does this little mini-boombox deliver stellar sound in a small package, it's also waterproof, submersible, and it floats. Very convenient features if you are a water lover like me! And of course, if something says it’s waterproof, shockproof etc., you know I have to be there to push it to its limits, by putting it through my extreme outdoor survival tests. I'm here to tell you, this Bluetooth speaker has fared extremely well thus far.

This Bluetooth speaker is, as the expression goes, the complete package. My favorite features include:

  • The labels! I love that everything on the EXOROX is so clearly identified! From the power, battery, and Bluetooth lights to the buttons and the location of the built-in mic for speakerphone, everything is conveniently labeled in discreet, white fine print.
  • The flotation factor! I love that the ECOROX is made to float. Better that than sink if you are lounging on one of those cool floating chairs, or kayaking, or doing any other deeper water activity.
  • Design. I love the design of the ECOROX, with its ridged sides for maximum grip when wet. It's lightweight and small, perfect for tossing into a pack, clipping onto a belt loop (includes a carabiner) or pack loop, or just carrying in hand.
  • An impressive 10-hour battery, which recharges in under 3 hours.
  • A screw-in point (standard camera size) for securing the speaker to a bike handlebar, bathroom wall, or assorted mounting stands.
  • Last but not least, one of my favorite things about this speaker is its sound! For the size, this little powerhouse can truly belt it out. The ECOROX sports six-watt stereo speakers on the front, and on the top of the unit is a built-in bass radiator for a deep rumbling effect. You'll be surprised when you hear how loud this thing can get, while still preserving a clear and crisp audio quality.

Siva's Reviews: Grace Digital's ECOROX Bluetooth Speaker

If you've followed my articles in iPhone Life Magazine or here online at you may have already seen my rave reviews of Grace Digital’s larger and louder, waterproof and floatable Bluetooth speaker, the EcoXBT. Now with the ECOROX, Grace Digital continues to impress me with the EcoXBT’s baby sibling. The ECOROX is arguably the best rugged, extreme-duty, personal use Bluetooth speaker I know of! With all of the thought and careful consideration that obviously went into the design of this speaker, I give it a solid 5 out of 5 stars and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for the best go-anywhere, do-anything, spectacular sounding Bluetooth speaker.


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