XtremeMac Duo and XtremeMac Auto for iPad


I love the XtremeMac line of products. I carry my iPad around in the XtremeMac Nylon Sleeve, which is sturdy, lightweight and protects my iPad extremely well.

Now, I’m using two more XtremeMac products: the InCharge Duo and InCharge Auto for iPad. These are both quality products and, better yet, they make my life simpler!

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XtremeMac InCharge Duo

This is a VERY COOL idea. Why use two chargers when you can use just one? With the InCharge Duo, you can simultaneously charge your iPad and/or any combination of iPhone/iPad. Keep it on your desk or pack it in your suitcase for the hotel. Then, before you retire for the night, pop in your two devices. Next morning, you’re good to go!

The back dock features 2.1 amps of power for the iPad. The front is for your iPhone or iPod. There is a removable adaptor to convert the rear dock for another iPhone or iPod, instead. 


XtremeMac InCharge Auto

For those who own multiple devices, XtremeMac comes through again with the XtremeMac InCharge Auto for the iPad.

The InCharge features 2.1 amps of power making it possible to charge my iPad in the car. Although, I rarely have to do this around town, it’s extremely handy on a long trip.

Even better, I can use this same charger for my iPhone or iPod. The InCharge powers and charges all three devices and all on the same charger. You don’t have to buy a second charger and I like that!

The InCharge fits 12V accessory outlets. LED indicator light shows when my iPad is fully charged.  


If you’re looking for quality products, you can’t go wrong with XtremeMac. 

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