WordCrasher makes a liar out of me!

I know I said I don’t like games, but I guess I was lying! I love these new word games on the iPhone; and WordCrasher is my newest favorite word game. It’s similar to Boggle, but more challenging.

I especially love the graphics and music: the colors are fluorescent and lively; the background music is exciting and gets you in the mood to keep playing the game.

Scoring is designed to reward you for longer words and words that use less common letters. So the better your vocabulary, the higher your score will be. The ability to read upside down and backwards is also a plus, as the letters come in and roll around, making it that much harder to form words!

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Two Powerup buttons appear now and then to help you out: one blows up an entire line of letters; the other stops letters from falling for a brief period of time.

The game gets harder as you advance. When you master the basic game, you can try Flood Panic. This is my favorite mode. In addition to forming the words fast and using the most effective letters, you have to beat the flood that is rising from the bottom. Very cool and stressful!

I love the fact that the game tracks my vocabulary. When I enter a new word, it saves it and increases my vocabulary score by 1. I can then compare my vocabulary score with others playing the game. Can be good or bad for the ego depending on how I do!

Facebook and Twitter connection makes it easy to share the game play with friends. WordCrasher is a 5-star game for me!


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