WindowSeat - Interesting, but not always a great view


With WindowSeat, you can view pictures and read information about landmarks, geographic locations and other points of interest as you fly over them.

It works on historical flight path data, so it’s not really live. You set the app up before you board. Once in the air and after you are allowed to turn on your iPhone, you activate the app. It then “follows” your path as you fly. Small blue dots indicate where there is a landmark with information.

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I took this with me on my trip from Tulsa, OK, to Philadelphia, PA. Although, it freaked me out a bit when I activated in the air (It said the plane was going 35 mph!), it soon caught up. There is a “catch-up” feature that you use to update your actual time of departure. If this is not set properly, then you won’t actually be over the landmarks. Unfortunately, it only gives you one try every two hours, so if you mess up, you’ve missed the flight!

It does help pass the time. I clicked on some of the landmarks are read the blurb and viewed the photos. Not a lot of material, but I imagine it will get better over time. You can share your flight status over Facebook, BUT, not until your flight is over!

The bottom line for me: It was somewhat informative, but difficult to set up. I think the app is overpriced. If it worked on GPS (if that’s possible), I think it would be a better tool. Currently, I would pay $ 1.99 for the app, but not more than that. 

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