Want a challenge? Try Lexic

As I've mentioned before, I'm not really a game person, but I do like word games if they keep my interest. The game has to be easy to win at first in order to get my attention, but then become more challenging as I improve in order to keep me playing. Lexic (v. 2.0) was able to do that.

Lexic is a word game for the iPhone or iPod Touch. It consists of four different versions of the game: Quest, Cascade, Stasis and Blackout. The goal of the game is to find as many words as you can using the tiles - the longer the word, the more points you receive. You drag your finger vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to choose the letters (must be in order). 
Statis got my attention. In this version, the tiles remain on the board and never change until you are done the game. You can use the letters over and over again as long as you don't use the same word. It's easy, so I was able to win and not get frustrated.
Then, I tried Quest. In this version, the tiles disappear as you use them and are replaced with new tiles. This quickly became my favorite version. As you play, the tiles change into Bomb tiles (game over); Screws on tiles (you can use it a certain number of times before it disappears); Virus Tiles ('infect" the tiles next to it so that every time you don't use the tile, it changes the tile next to it to the same letter, making it harder to form words); or Letter Switch Tiles (change without warning to a new letter). There are also Gold tiles that add actual points as you use them.
In the 3rd version: Blackout, the tiles disappear as you use them, leaving a black hole. The game is over when all the tiles are gone or if you quit. If you clear the board, you go to the next level.
Cascade is similar to Quest. The only difference is that the whole board of letters are constantly changing.
As you play these games, you are rewarded with Feats and Abilities such as the Black Widow, where you can triple zap a letter to make it go away. However, every time you do, it uses 300 points. 
I especially love the colors and the fact that you can play the games with your music playing in the background. I'd call this game educational also, as you will have to increase your vocabulary as you work the puzzles in order to keep winning. A very fun game and recommended for anyone who likes word games.
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