Tripod Camera has taken over my iPhone

 Too many times have I taken a photo, only to discover that I was shaking or holding the phone at a crazy angle. Result – a really crummy photo. Not any more! The Tripod Camera app includes anti-tilt, anti-shake, and tap-to-focus (3GS only) features that make all my photos turn out beautifully. I love it!

Tripod Camera also features a full-screen shutter, so I can click anywhere on the screen to take the photo. No more hunting that teeny-tiny camera button at the bottom of the page!

There’s a 4X digital zoom and a fast-saving mode that shortens the processing time by reducing the size of the photo to 640x480 px, which is suitable for web/email.

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In addition, there’s a timer feature (counts down from 10 seconds) so I can get in the picture, too. Sweet! And, finally, I can share my favorite photos right from the Tripod Camera app using email, Twitter or Facebook.

The bottom line: I’ve switched the camera app that comes with the iPhone with the Tripod Camera app. I like it that much!

For more info, check the MK HQ Web site.


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