Time Command Mini


The Time Command Mini is a combination alarm clock and charger for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. You can set it to play your iTunes music or Internet radio as you go to sleep or wake. 


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What I don’t like:


It comes with small pads to prop up your iPad. Even with pads, I hesitate to use this clock with my iPad. I have cats that walk around in my bedroom and I’m afraid they will knock it off. It’s not as stable as I’d like when using the iPad. If you don’t have pets, it probably will do fine. 


What I do like:


The feature I don’t like is also a feature I do like: The device is small and takes up very little space on my dresser. I use my iPhone in it rather than the iPad so I don’t have problems with the stability of the larger device around my critters.


It has a large, bright display so I can read the time without my contacts. I like that!


I can charge my device at night without a separate charger.


Retail price is $79.95

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