TeachMe Kindergarten

Here’s a fun way to reinforce learning - use the iPhone or iPod Touch and the TeachMe Kindergarten app. With TeachMe Kindergarten, your child can practice addition, subtraction and reading skills using a variety of learning styles – visual, auditory and kinesthetic. This is the most effective way to learn.

In the addition and subtraction game, the child practices adding or subtracting on problems up to a sum of 10. Individual problems (such as 1+1=2 or 5-3=2) can be selected so you can target your child’s practice skills. Very cool!

In the Word Completion activity, there is a list of words from which you can choose to display to your child. Even though the activity only involves inserting one missing letter, I think some of the words are too difficult for kindergarten-age children (such as umbrella, and penguin). I think they should have used the Dolch list for this also or only three- to five-letter words. It would be nice in future revisions if the user could enter his or her own words, such as from a spelling list.

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What I liked most about the app is the Sight Word activity. In this activity, your child must recognize a spoken word from a list of four words. What is especially good about this activity is that the developer uses the Dolch list for word choices. These are especially important for children to learn as they cannot be learned phonetically. This app makes a great way to practice these words.

For a reward, the child receives a coin. (You can set the number of problems the child must complete before receiving the reward.) He or she then goes to the “store” and uses the coin to purchase a sticker for a page selected from one of several scenes. This makes the game more interesting for young children. 

For more information, see the 24x7digital Web page.

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