SuperTooth Disco - Perfect for the iPhone and other Bluetooth A2DP devices


The SuperTooth Disco is compatible with the iPhone and all Bluetooth-enabled devices that support Bluetooth A2DP. I use it with my iPhone and my Mac Pro laptop.

Set-up: The device was super easy to set up with my iPhone – I was ready to go in literally seconds. Then I tried to set it up with my laptop. For me, that was a bit more difficult. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to set it up, but I was successful in about five minutes. Now I can listen to HULU movies and TV shows using my SuperTooth Disco, providing much better sound. I LOVE THIS!

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Sound quality: For a small speaker, it has excellent sound quality and bass with its 28 watts (1x12 watt subwoofer, 2x8 watt stereo drivers). I listen to a variety of music from classical to country to inspirational to rock and roll, as well as audio books and podcasts. The sound is excellent on all styles.

Convenience and ease of use: I ABSOLUTELY love the BLUETOOTH feature of this portable speaker. This is what I’ve been looking for: No more docking. No more wires. And, it’s so easy to use. I simply press the on button of the SuperTooth; open iTunes on my iPhone and start listening. I can adjust the volume, skip to the next song, go back to the previous song, or pause a song using only the SuperTooth speaker dial. No need to do this on the iPhone.

I also like its portability. I can take it anywhere because of its built-in battery with 3-4 hours of non-stop high-level music (10 hours at medium level). Recharging is a cinch.

Quality of construction: This is a very stable piece of equipment. It’s made of metal, not plastic. The product is attractive and easy to transport in the included carry case. The carry case is well constructed and padded for protection.

The SuperTooth Disco is a fantastic product. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that’s portable, with great sound and no wires, look no further. This is the one to buy.

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