Summer - A Good Time for Review

Getting a child to review the multiplication tables over the summer is not an easy task. But, a game that your child can do while waiting for appointments or while you shop might make it easier. 24x7digital has developed an app called TimesTables (v. 1.1) for the iPhone or iPod Touch. The challenge is to see how many multiplication problems your child can get right in the fastest amount of time. 

The app delivers either sequential or random problems from 1x1 up to 12x12. Your child enters the correct answer by tapping in the correct number on the calculator-like keyboard. 
TimesTables keeps track of the number right, the number wrong, and even the date and time your child took the test. This encourages the user to try to beat his or her last score.

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The app includes a feature it calls "Learn," but it's not an effective learning tool. Learning the reasoning behind the multiplication tables is much better accomplished  through demonstrations and the use of hands-on manipulatives. This app, however, does excel at reinforcing what your child has already learned. 
24x7digital also offers a States & Capitals app (v. 1.1), another excellent resource for summer learning. By practicing with these two apps over the summer, your child could know all the multiplication tables and all the states and capitals by time he or she goes back to school. A pretty good investment for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks!
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