The Stylus Wars

In Corner #1, we have my reigning champ – The Pogo Stylus by Ten One Design. He’s short and well packed, which makes him easy to hold and use. His punch is in the soft, foam tip that doesn’t damage my screen as it sends electric charges to select icons, answer calls, write email and text messages, play games, “draw” on the screen, or surf the web. He comes in a variety of color for my viewing pleasure and attaches to my iPhone with a handy clip. It will be hard to beat this winner.

In Corner #2 is the first contender – the iClooly Multi-Touch Pen. This one has a two-punch. One is a soft brush that can be used on the iPhone or iPod Touch; the other is a stylus penpoint that can be used on a smartphone and other reduced pressure type display. (The Web site shows it with a third rubber pen on the back end of the pen that can also be used on reduced pressure type displays, but my review copy does not have that feature.) The unique, fiber brush tip can be adjusted in length and can be used on all types of touch screens. It has a small plastic lanyard and a clip for keeping him close. However, after a few rounds, the iClooly starts falling apart, literally. The tips and clips are falling off after only a few uses. Even if I like the brush, I don’t like the workmanship. Sorry, iClooly, the Pogo Stylus wins this round.

In Corner #3 is the newest contender – The Pogo Sketch, also by Ten One Design. This is one very sexy, lean, mean machine, and just like his compact older brother, he makes it easy to sketch, draw and access other features on the iPhone. In addition to the iPhone clips, the Pogo Sketch has a built in pocket clip (not as substantial as I’d like but adequate), making him easy to keep handy. But he doesn’t stop there. He has some trick punches that will knock out the best of them. Using Autograph and the Pogo Sketch, I can sign documents without printing or scanning (compatible with Keynote, Acrobat, Word 2008, Excel 2008 and many others). I can also use the Sketch with Inklet to turn my MacBook trackpad into a pen tablet. How cool is that!

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THE WINNER: No doubt about it, the Pogo Sketch knocks them all out of the ring. Not only is he mean and lean, but he also packs a wallop in features and good looks.  

Do you have an iPhone Stylus to challenge my new Reigning Champ? If so, email me. I’d love to see the fight!

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