Stick It - a note app that works with Bump Technology

There are getting to be so many note apps available that I’m a bit weary of looking at them. But I decided to try Stick It to see what’s unique about it. As far as I can see, the biggest difference is that, currently, Stick It is the only one that allows you to share your notes through BumpTM Technology. You can exchange  notes by  bumping your iPhone with another iPhone that has Bump installed. I assume this works with the iPad as well, although I have not tried it.

As with most other note apps, you can customize Stick It notes by choosing from a variety of note shapes as well as a variety of font sizes, colors, styles, and alignment. Stick It does a good job here of providing you with lots of choices. You can organize your notes and even choose to name your own categories. There’s also a small calendar to keep on your “bulletin board” to help you schedule. 

Besides sharing your notes with BumpTM, you can also share them by e-mail or by saving them as wallpaper to view on your home screen.

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All in all, I think Stick It is a helpful note app. I would, however, like to see a future update add the ability to resize my note instead of having to change the font size to fit the note. This would be helpful to me.

Today, Stick It is on sale for $.99. It’s definitely worth the price and future updates will only make it better. Sketching and landscape mode are in the near future.

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